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  • halkjhfhajhj halkjhfhajhj Feb 8, 2011 12:15 PM Flag

    I have grown tired of you Dave

    John (fncydansir) as much as said about himself:
    <<<I got to thinking...this loser spent hundreds of hours... playing ...a game... just like Whack-a-Mole ...that...I...actually like to play but, after a while... for a year now... it just got old and held little (if any) facination any longer... I am totally done...>>>

    In your own words, you are a loser. And now you admit to be a quitter, as well. What else can be said about a guy with nothing better to do than harass Dave here on this board for an entire year then admit it was the same a s playing Whack-a-Mole? IOW, what kind of an clueless idiot would play that for a year?

    As I pointed out the first time I posted here:
    [Dave] made a conscious and personal choice not to drop [his EEO case]. That's [his] business. But it seems like THEIR obsession, or is calling it mere obsession on their part a little too simple, a little too neat? I see _[his]_ motivation, but not theirs...

    Something seems fishy here.

    What's wrong with this picture...? There are what, like four or five screen names that have been responding, on average, within minutes of each of your posts, for months, like they don’t have anything better to do. Do they all have a sick fascination with you and the details of your life, which some of them have obviously researched thoroughly, or is some concerted effort being made to... what? It sounds to me like either strange obsession on their part, but more likely a sort of professional diligence by an organized group with a common goal.

    These posters engaging you, studying the details, and diligently answering your every post here don't strike me as 20-something under-employed pajama-clad web surfers with too much time on their hands. More likely employed professionals who consciously and deliberately make time from their busy schedules to meticulously monitor and respond to this matter on this forum and to keep the pressure on you. How bizarre.

    Why the concerted effort to drag you down with insults, harassment...? After all, by their simply denying your charges against Cree in a methodical and repeatedly consistent fashion, then dropping it, much less attention would be drawn to your case here.

    Why the concerted effort? Seems some individual or group may have a pretty big dog in this fight. I'm guessing they aren’t doing this for light entertainment...

    Really, what is the up side for them investing their time here as they do? Are their standards of what passes for entertainment to them that low? I guess not...

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