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  • denverdude123 denverdude123 Apr 16, 2013 11:45 PM Flag

    Troll alert....

    There are a number of different types of trolls. In the most classic case, a troll harasses an Internet community for a few weeks, posting contradictory opinions or statements on bulletin boards in an attempt to stimulate a response. Internet trolls are differentiated from people who genuinely wish to present a different viewpoint by their attitudes and aggressiveness; their goal is not to discuss a situation, but to frustrate the members of a discussion board. They often use fallacious arguments or attack the users of a site when they attempt to defend themselves from the troll's activities.

    In some cases, a troll becomes a recurring figure who is well known by long-term members of a bulletin board. The individuals often tell newcomers to the community to ignore the troll, who may use various tactics to get a rise from newbies. In more serious cases, an Internet troll may try to drive a wedge through a community, often with the assistance of sock puppet accounts. A sock puppet is a fake identity which is used by someone who does not want to post under his or her regular name; some trolls have multitudes of sock puppets to make their side of an argument look like it has a large number of supporters.

    jcreamer and his multitude of split personalities is a troll with proper name David DeSerres who was fired for cause by Cree some years ago and who has no raison de etre' other than to try to discredit Cree and anyone who has an interest in Cree.

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    • New one today. Look for it to talk to the other voiced in DD's head.

      No talk of pom pom girls yet but all the classic signs


      Another for everyones ignore list that adds no value.

    • daviddeserres Apr 19, 2013 2:09 PM Flag

      Leave me out of your petty gripes over this board and your stock please.
      I have no interest in your dilema whatsoever.

    • david deserres == denver dude == dave bugs

      nice try, but no cigar creep!

    • Yep.

      It does shine thru.

      Someone else realized this before I did and posted here about it.

      The first ignore in years and ironically from this MB when the Junior High School name calling and accusations started.

      Talks of lawyers (and if anyone had a competent lawyer one of the first things they'd do is stop all concerned about posting on a public MB having to do with the company.

      It drove away real investors and potential investors as far as this MB having much use at all.

      Things were quiet for what a year or two?

      Now the petty, firmiliar posts from multiple ID"s are back. I don't see all the antaginistic folks back yet - but this group of nuts seem to travel together so they may be coming.

      I'm a long time investor and trader with no particular industry knowledge(other than my DD) and certainly no electronics background.

      So denverdude I appreciate your posts and hopefully others who actually know something about the market place, potential, etc. will continue to post.

      Again I arrived here - I backed into CREE from playing with solar stocks years ago.

      And we knew a long time ago the CFL's weren't the answer to anything really.

      Here is to making the CREE shorts scream, and the petty #$%$ (and the multiple ID's that go along with it) being kept off this MB.

      This would be a good thread to list al lthe ID's that should be ignored.

      • 1 Reply to davebugs
      • It's a pleasure to see a few notes with a rational coherent message. I am a long time investor who recognized the great opportunity Cree presented over a decade ago. Before I retired 12 years ago, I was employed as a professional in the semiconductor materials industry. My background is the chemistry of producing these materials not the electronics of semiconductors. I was pretty well connected with the electronic materials industry and at that time it was common knowledge in the community that Cree was decades ahead of the community in the production of Semiconductor SiC and the production of LEDs. Since then I know of at least one supplier who feels they make similar quality SiC, but I doubt that anyone can match Crees technology regarding the production of LEDs. In any case those that have kept current with the literature and recent market studies are aware of the fact that the sale of LEDs will continue at a double digest growth rate and Cree is obviously a market leader and the only pure play from an investment point of view.
        In spite of the great opportunity Cree presents there appears to be a hedge fund who got themselves in trouble with a very large naked short position about ten years ago. Ever since, it appears they have worked very hard to manipulate the price, to their advantage. Although they have had a few moments of success, eventually they will lose, because of the growth achieved by Cree. In the meantime we will have to put up with these flunkies posting nonsense.
        In any case, for those serious Cree investors out there, I suggest you hang on and eventually you will probably be very well rewarded.

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