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  • hatdean hatdean May 3, 2013 3:38 PM Flag

    If you continue to reply to creamer, the more he posts.....he's getting the attention he wants.

    Consider drowning him and his other personas with silence. A few old timers know the history of this board.
    davebugs, denverdude, kckooper and I go back a ways. We've witnessed some really crazy stuff. We stop posting when the board gets cluttered with #$%$. Most of us go back 5 or 10 years, and even further. If you are looking for insight about this stock on this board, look else-where. Do your due diligence and play your bet.

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    • I agree this board seems to regularly attract fools who want to sidetrack the message board dialogue by posting stupid comments and misinformation. The minute you respond to them they try to suck you into responding to them with insulting accusations. They are obviously on the payroll for some short who is in trouble. The best way to deal with them is to ignore them. This obviously causes them great frustration

    • I can't think of all the aliases he's had.

      But the illness and HATE of CREE are the only consistent things.

      Last I saw before I placed him on ignore He though Denverdude and myself were the same person!

      Guess it's like cheaters are always afraid they are gonna get cheated on.

      I've had one ID since I started posting on Yahoo since late 90's and long before I was posting about CREE.

      Denverdude understands the industry much better than I do.

      As I've said I came to CREE really thru solar. I've long sold all pure solar but still own some of a refiner of rare earth metals in Canada that supplies the industry.

      Now the troll you are feeding I can't tell if he knows the industry. But he certainly wants up to think so.

      The pom, pom stuff is getting old.

      He'll get paranoid(more paranoid).

      He'll threaten legal like a few years ago if anyone calls him out. When if any of the clowns in the soap opera on this MB actually had a lawyer the FIRST thing they would tell them is to STOP POSTING.

      I don't think much of the other old antoganisers are here. Just some newbies treating him with common courtesy and respect until they figure out his value. Which is why he gets bitter and posts non stop bashing CREE.

      I don't think he's a short. Just a paranoid hater. No more than that.

      It took me longer to figure out "the poster who's name should not be mentioned" than some others here. Sometimes I can be a little dense.

      No matter how many ID"s he has - his spite and true colors will shine thru.

      Your time is better spent elsewhere.

      I'm jsut hoping the MB doesn't get as bad as it was a few years ago when folks with real interest in CREE stopped following this MB. In his twisted mind I think he believes that's a win.

      So simply ignore him. Your quality of life will improve. ANd when you see similar postings from other ID's jsut add them to ignore too.

    • Creamy is just David DeSerres with less intelligence. Amusing in a short bus way.

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