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  • denverdude123 denverdude123 May 7, 2013 5:57 PM Flag

    Phillips annual report....

    Total lighting revenues declined slightly. LED sales increased to 24% of total lighting sales. IMO, the Phillips annual report is of a company struggling against strong competition.

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    • The usual FUD from you.

      The undisputed facts are that Philips LED product sales were up 38% over last year and Philips is the market leader in LED products.

    • They bought a company local to me a few years ago called Respironics - makes night time breathing stuff for Sleep Apnea folks and other stuff. From what I saw and heard of second and third hand I wasn't impressed. The place is less than 10 miles away and I've been involved with ERP implementations for 30 years and a lot of local folks work there, Now usually buyouts do have some horror stories and culture change. But his sounded like it had more then I would have expected since it's not like Philips had never taken over a company before.

      Including dispatching with the founder and CEO without a decent good buy shortly after the purchase. Left a lot of employees a bit dis-illusioned.

      No idea of where they really are in the LED industry though.

      Which brings up - why never a Siemens rumor? Because GE ain't it!

      And I believe CREE mgmt wants to continue their personal gravy train as long as they possibly can.

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