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  • food_stamp_nation food_stamp_nation Jul 15, 2013 2:32 PM Flag

    CREE does not comare it's LED bulb to CFLs as CFL blows them away.

    Why does Cree not say it is better than the CFL, only the incandescent bulb.

    The CFL is the real deal. The Cree light bulb is a novelty.

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    • Absolutely. Pathetic posters comparing LED to Incandescent. Even California Public Utilities commission, SCE, PG&E et al have made CFL's the Baseline for comparison.

      On CREE's web site the spec sheet clearly lists it at a 70 lumen/Watt which is in the neighborhood of the CFL's efficiency. Also the CRI is 80 which incidentally is unacceptable to the California Utilities as a poor lighting quality. (please check CREE web site)

      Besides LED lamps generate Heat and are poor lighting quality.

      The only plus is the long rated life of 25000 hours whereas an Energy Star rated CFL has around 8000 hours. This explains the higher price point.

      Go buy CREE or Philips or Osram or Feit or GE if you are lazy to change lights. but o a payback comparison a good Philips CFL still rules for residential applications.

      Goos Luck.

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    • Obviously, your are an extremely pathetic shorty troll, who hasn't done #$%$ for research, or you would know better. I'm surprised you would tell such an obvious lie, on this board, but being as incredibly desperate as all of the shorties must be, you are willing to try anything. Guess I've got another alias to add to my block list.

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    • CFL claims about 4.5 times the efficiency of tungsten....CREE LEDs are better than 9 times. That means CREE lights are about twice the efficiency of CFL .....and that's if the CFL claims are met. I've gone through a whole box of 10 CFLs in less than two years.....because they measure at constant on, ideal temperature conditions. Ok if you've got a light that stays on all the time.....but I don't have any like that. Also the CRI of CREE is higher than CFL, over 90 I believe. I've had CREE for over two years in poorly ventilated ceiling fixtures (with a warranty, who cares).....well, they look just like the day they went in.

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      • Mr. Blue_Led where did you get your facts that LED's are 9 times better and CFL's only 4.5 times better....what does better mean? The lumens per watt of CFL and LED are almost same. CFL operate cooler and LED's generate Heat adding to your HVAC load.

        Also where did you get the 90 CRI number. The Home Depot bulb does not depict any CRI data.

        Good Luck with your next post. Grow rich while you can.

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