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  • davebugs davebugs Sep 9, 2013 10:56 AM Flag

    Screamer must be off making new ID's..or he's too mad to type!

    Take the meds, settle down. breath, then bash endlessly! Don't forget the multiple ID's - it gets embarrassing when you reply to yourself.

    I am thinking of writing the DEC 62.50's on my last shares again. The same ones I wrote against at the 70 strike price last OE that I was sure would get called away - then the ER made the stock tank.

    I still don't believe in mgmt enough to add common.

    I'm about at my cost basis before the 3.30 premium I captured last time here just above 57. Like I've said I didn't believe in mgmt enough to average down the past few years. So I am trying to squeeze every last bit out of my remaining common after selling into this last runup.

    In the long run LED's are definately the future. CREE has some excellent products, R&D, etc.

    I believe mgmt takes their eye off the ball though about virtually everything but rewarding themselves.

    Good luck folks - well most of you - the other fella's multiple ID's will give this a thumbs down. But then again I don't think he has any money either long or short. Just simply likes to bash the company. Before I placed him on ignore he would never state a position. Or a copy/paste that was positive at all for CREE.

    Perhaps he's grown up, but I doubt it.

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