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  • jcreamer008 jcreamer008 Dec 26, 2013 11:20 PM Flag

    Thank you CREEpy management thugs for hacking my Yahoo! account

    dirtbag, thug_sal, and buggereddave conspired to hack and shut down my jcreamer007 Yahoo! account.

    Obviously non-CREEpy management hug readers of this message do not approve of your thuggish methods.

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    • You forgot Annie and I'm hurt.

    • Wow - I've had your ID's on ignore so long I forgot jsu thow paranoid you are!

      FYI my account got hacked about a year ago. I believe it's somewhat common practice. I changed the password and some other stuff, I forget, and it all cleared up. I've had the same ID since like 99? - when I first signed up for an account. I never understood the need for more than one, unlike some folks - especially here. I do know of atleast two other legitimate posters on another MB that have had to create new ID's over the years. I thoank you for being upfront so that I can add you to ignore. Some of your other ID's it takes me a little while ot catch on before the "the world is out to get me" and "CREE is a very bad comapny - but I have NO position" posts shine thru.

      But same old Screamer. Go straight to the cheerleaders and lawyers?

      I assume you still constantly use the same paranoid cliche's.

      But would this be a good time to ask if Santa brought you a new tinfoil hat? It's sounding like you needed one.

      Another ID of yours going onto ignore.

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