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  • Imshaken Imshaken Apr 30, 1998 1:21 PM Flag

    so what'd they say, Harvest?

    Anybody? What did they say in the conference call?

    By the way, is the blue laser beam thinner because of the shorter wavelength? And if so why not go with ultraviolet or some other higher energy electromagnetic energy? Is the ultimate benefit more effective storage space on existing storage media, ie; hard drives, cd-rom, etc?

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    • Others will undoubtedly cringe at the simplistic
      nature of this explanation, but here goes: what Nichia
      has is a blue laser DIODE, also known as a
      semiconductor laser. It is basically a single semiconductor
      chip, smaller than a thumb tack, that lases when
      electricity is passed through it. (Laser diodes in other
      wavelengths (colors) are already widely used in things like
      CD players and fiber optics.)

      The lasers
      described in your link are bigger, more complicated
      objects, more expensive objects. The often start with a
      laser diode, which is used to pump (think "jump start")
      some other laser medium, like a crystal. These types
      of lasers are usually used in situations where you
      need a lot of power - cutting, welding,

      Hope that helps!

    • Obviously the blue lasers that Cree and Nichia
      are working on must be in a different class than the
      product currently being marketed by Laser Power (LPWR).
      Can someone please explain?

    • My charts are indicating that you are (phrase- right on the money). Keep up the good work and thanks for your efforts. Your keeping a lot of minds active and making life interesting. frk

    • I admit that I am a partisan about Cree and proud
      to say so. We heard on the teteconf.that there will
      be a new structure for the development of the blue
      laser and I am saying that we are close to hearing
      about this and the players will be impressive as well
      as their progress.If your phase that"Harvest is full
      of it" and the "it" refers to Cree, YOUR RIGHT!

    • I may be missing something but what public co.
      doesn't (your term) play with other's people's money?By
      any account this is a young co. that has come a long
      way in a short time you may not like it but don't
      belittle its accomplishments.

    • Harvest is full of it. Glad I'm not the only one
      who thinks so.

      We just heard about the Cree
      lasers at the teleconf. What is this Harvest talking
      about we'll hear soon?

      Harvest is hype, although
      well informed. He just doesn't choose to be objective
      about his information.

    • Harvest:

      The "10,000 hr.has not been
      attained yet" only in the sense that 10,000 hours = 416.6
      days, and Nichia made their big breakthrough only about
      6 months ago. Over the years, scientists working on
      the development of other types of laser diodes have
      developed accelerated life testing techniques. Nichia has
      employed accepted methods to estimate their lifetimes as
      being >10,000 hours, and they have published several
      papers, allowing their peers to evaluate their claims.

      I don't think that anyone seriously doubts them.

    • Harvest says �Auto's- the most demanding next to
      aerospace Cree's chip is better than Nichia for many
      applications and because of its lower price .20 vs. .90

      I say that it is not a good thing to have cornered
      the market for products with demanding specifications
      and low profit margins. The 10Q makes it clear that
      Cree can only sell on the
      basis of price, and their
      contract with Siemens requires them to drop the prices
      even more in the future. Also, Nichia has a white LED
      which is being designed into cars.

      Harvest says
      �DLJ sales est is for 65 million so how can you say 50
      to 75mil as tops Cree has just started and is
      growing revenues 60%.

      I say: 1) I make my own
      estimates, DJL is wrong. 2) 1998 CY: LEDs $55M, materials
      $10M. Everything else (C3, blue lasers, microwave) is
      just R&D contract revenue, which is not interesting
      (sure it offsets R&D costs, but it doesn�t really
      interest me until it becomes product revenue. 3) Cree has
      not just started: they�ve been playing with other
      people�s money for FIVE YEARS.

      Harvest says � it
      appears from published reports that Nichia is giving up
      saphire for theirlaser and will have to start all over
      again. The jury is still out who will be the

      I say: Not only is this not true, but Harvest knew
      it was not true when he posted it.

      says � Microwave is indeed a big event Cree is working
      with the giant of industry like MOT HON RTN amn
      GOVT.and others and lots of money is being spent on this

      I say: Development is not product.

      says � The CO. is indeed buying their stk back.This
      was a story stk that is now producing revenues and
      earns big time.

      I say: 10% of the authorized
      buyback is not very impressive, esp. given the CEO�s
      puffing about the �stupid� price. Also, $1.75 million is
      hardly the big time in corporate earnings.

      Harvest says What a bargain!
      I say Overpriced.

    • Cree has yet to move into their new plant. the
      move is probably still some time away.They are
      considering geting a inhouse PR guy so I suguest calling.I
      don't think they would show you much as much is super
      secrete.Nichia blue laser,they hope to ship samples and this is
      not the price is thought to be prohibitive
      also I hear that the 10,000 hr.has not been attained
      yet and is going slower than originally planed. The
      race is still being run and their may be room for
      others in the end. As I said we will hear fron Cree
      about their laser and soon.

    • > Nichia has a lot of work to do and is a long
      > from a comm. product the race has just

      News reports published late last year state that
      Nichia expects to ship production-quality samples of
      their blue laser by the end of this year. I think it is
      clear to everyone especially the management at Cree
      that Nichia is the likely winner of this race.

      Marie Meyer, my understanding of pulsed & CW lasers is
      the same as yours; thanks for posting

      Good luck to all,
      Mr Bones

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