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  • anny.sakana anny.sakana Jul 25, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

    beat earnings. ...1c loss vs a 2c loss consensus. ..cut costs by $6 million/year

    We go up....strong balabce sheet

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    • richeydouglas Jul 25, 2013 5:23 PM Flag

      better than I expected.... Jack really positive but guided a little lower on purpose for next quarter... after next quarter I will bet you this is trading at 5 plus... We may trade sideways and down 4 or 5 percent more for a week or two but you can bet this is the quarter to get back in on inod. I called the fall from the highs now I am calling the lows in the next few weeks. .... Its time now to start accumulating shares and hold until next quarter results......

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      • Richey, Jack is always positive. what I found very discouraging is Jack's admission that he underestimated the insurance industry's pace at making decisions and that he expected to be further ahead by now. The problem is that Jack and his lieutenants have no insurance background and they are dancing around blindly hoping this new industry will buy what Synodex has been peddling for over 2 years. The bigger problem is, that Innodata is an unknown entity without any traction in this new space, and they may be deluding themselves to think that they can "teach" the industry what they think they don't know. The fact that they are not any further ahead after 2 years of marketing their services is more an indication that what they are offering is not being embraced by the insurance carriers. The next quarter will indeed be a bellwether of things to come. if they don't convert enough of their pipeline to start generating some real sales, then they may have to pull the plug. Obviously that would be a very difficult decision for Jack to admit he was wrong and cut his losses considering the $12M and 2+ yrs of diddling around. what will undoubtedly happen is Jack will put out something to the effect that he misplaced his confidence in senior people with track records that he expected more from. a few heads will roll, and Captain Jack will continue to steer the ship closer to the iceberg. it really comes down to a level of arrogance where Jack actually believes that he is running a great company and can't understand why more customers aren't beating a path to his door. That's because Jack surrounds himself with people who tell him what he wants to hear or risk being replaced. So Jack fiddles while Rome is burning and all is well in the Jackensack ivory tower.

    • you're nuts. huge guide down next quarter. They lost 0.01 on $16m in revenue and that's the top end of their guidance for next quarter. Analysts were looking for +0.04.

      Sentiment: Sell

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