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  • runk1120 runk1120 Jun 20, 2011 7:01 PM Flag

    Insider Transactions

    Insiders sold 700K shares last week on the pump and dump. They sold in the $3.20 range, meaning of course many newbies were buying while they were dumping... Nice.

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    • runk watch the trading now. The hedge or a trading desk is putting long shares at risk as a fence so others wishing maybe to exit will come under their ask and sell shares. Someone bought their fence of 3.5K at 1.76 and then they put a 5K at 1.79 then quickly moved that to 1.81 for safer keeping. Peeps are nibbling here either to cover or accumulate. Not sure of the amount needed as it would show on level lll or the Hegde wouldn't put that fence of shares to risk knowing someone was waiting for them to buy. If this is going back up to even $2.00 then shares at $1.80 are 10% bargain.

    • Lots of ideas and questions to be answered. Money decides where this goes. When more money wants in than out generally it will go up eventually. Volume creates money. The hedge can take this lower but has a big stake in the future of this equity as they create range and use that range to create capital. If its easier to take this down to do that they will. Was that bump at the start a new spot to short from? We'll see. We are getting closer each day to a turn in this. This NGSX is part of several index funds and must be bought. Look for institutional money when its added to be the catalyst that eventually sends this higher.

    • If they have any faith in their own company they should turn around and buy the same shares back for half the price now just three days later!

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