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  • stupid_hobo73 stupid_hobo73 May 7, 2009 9:35 AM Flag

    What does this mean?

    RE: "This means insurance companies won't cover it"

    Well looky looky who's's old chippy....probably figures the passing months have made us forget some of his previous poor projections. Here's a little trip down memory of just what chip brings to the table:

    GHI's profits and market share will fall due to Mammaprint?
    FDA will regulate Oncotype Dx?
    Fishy insider sales forecast doom?
    GHI will have to lower price of Oncotype due to Mammaprint?
    Oncotype will be irrelevent?

    Now this joker wants us believe insurance won't cover the colon test. Based purely on his track record, I will say it gets covered without a glitch.

    But let's be a little more scientific. Currently, stage II colon patients and their doctors are throwing darts. Oncotype provides real science....personalized medicine...the future. Insurance companies know that. Getting the breast test for node neg covered was tough....getting node pos was easier....getting colon covered will be easier still, imo. The insurance companies KNOW the test...they know what it does...they are on board the personalized medicine train.

    We all know GHDX has a large short position. Based on chip's track record, one can only assume he's part of that group......which is fine....if he shorted a few weeks ago, he made a nice profit.....but investors would be well advised to consider his angle when reading his nonsense, though.....

    Follow the science......the science is great...the stock price will....eventually...reflect the science....

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