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  • searchingforgains searchingforgains May 29, 2012 2:44 PM Flag

    Julian keeps buying

    5/21 Form 4, boy I sure hope this guy is right because I am in it with him.

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    • I agree Rosie is after fact constructor....full of S and why she keeps bring out about 100 % success with frequent trading....Iam glad that I believe in keeping good young growth ,never trade, if correct,just add more and if short of cash I just sell deep in money PUTs....Today is good example of holding strategy..

    • RE: "when the other shoe drops,it will make 2008 look mild."

      2008 wasn't so bad for GHDX shareholders....maybe rosie was holding BAC that year?

      RE: "These personal attacks are the work....."

      Nothing personal about are a typical anonymous internet message board make grand claims and take heat for it....if it hurts your feelings, perhaps you should post your real name and your real time buys and on Twitter....go on the it is, your just an imature sniper picking fights....anonymously not personally...on an internet message board....

      RE: "proven time and time again to be 100%,thats right 100% correct.Because I have the liquidity to hedge my position..."

      Mr Retired Professional Trader either is full of crap or he doesn't know what hedging is....

    • My "opinion" that trading is a better way to make money vs buy and hold this stock has proven time and time again to be 100%,thats right 100% correct.Because I have the liquidity to hedge my position and Thanks of course to Felix and Julian,I have been able to be 100% correct and always making money on my trades....and a reason I specifically choose GHDX among others is the positive bias and accululation of the company (small float).These personal attacks are the work of those who hate to hear a retired professional trader may have an idea about how to read a tape,a chart and know that investing in ANY stock in the next couple of years and HOLDING will be a poor strategy.Yes,I am in the Jim Rogers camp that when the other shoe drops,it will make 2008 look mild.

    • Rosemarie; stock trading Just like baseball,there is no such thing as 1.000 batting average if you stay in one season...Don't try to brag no one listen to you...waste of board time and especially GHDX is one stock you do better by keep accumulating if it takes correction of meaningful size; maybe 10-15% or deeper ...I usually sell naked puts to avoid margin interest...

    • You Go girl!
      Thanks for the heads up on X___

    • RE: "Please dont hate me because I can read a chart, understand the tape and trade."

      Like I told you before, I also can read charts, tape and trade.....I just don't trade GHDX. The difference with my trading though is lose money sometimes....something blowhards like you rarely confess to....always trying to protect your anonymous internet message board poster reputation.....dummy...

      you want to impress the board? How about you start posting real time/real price buys and sells in GHDX? I bet your batting avg would slip a bit below the 100% you claim....

    • Please dont hate me because I can read a chart, understand the tape and trade.I think GHDX is one of the most attractive companies out there and I also think it is for sale.Kim says No,I say yes,but I am much better looking.

    • RE: "buy and hold is dead-ESPECIALLY in bios "

      I've turned $200K into $1 million in GHDX over the last 7 years.....and haven't paid a penny in and hold is alive and well for individual's all about stock selection. Buy and hold for the equity indices....different story perhaps.....this stock this company will continue to build wealth for shareholders.

      Rosemarie has gone from being a decent contributor here to the typical anonymous internet message board poster dummy.....

    • "Look at me" Pretty pathetic. Sure Rose, you always buy at the low of the trench and sell at the high. We are all here for you Rose. My aren't you pretty. Now you sit right here in front of the television, while I go get your pills.

    • If you investigate how DNA data are used in medical and healthcare management now and in future....You will feel more confident in owning GHDX...Baker Bros are looking into future so current price is still in their buy zone . This technology has wide application even outside health management.

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