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  • cunningmatt2000 cunningmatt2000 Oct 12, 2010 10:50 PM Flag

    What a baffoon!

    Just watched Undercover Boss...what a clumsy, baffoon. How did this guy get to be CEO? I am so baffled at how so many of these CEO's cannot even do the basic job in their companies They get paid millions and look silly.
    Makes me think Direct-TV is doomed in the long run. They look really disorganized.

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    • Noticed that you are a strong sell - well, we hit another all-time high, so why don't you sell? Or perhaps you really do not own stock & just want to spread your cynicism like horse manure on a new field of grain...? I saw a man totally capable of running a multi-billion dollar company - yet he showed some true sense of humanity, a rare commodity in today's business world. Perhaps you've never worked with anyone of such high caliber...?

    • Matt,

      My wife and I just watched the program and came away with a totally different point of view. Your characterizations are overly negative and cynical, simply unjustified. The man may not be a great "antenna installer" or the one you want parsing out the materials at the warehouse, but he gave it a shot in order to better understand his business. The cynical point of view is that that is disingenuous. The fact remains is that he allowed himself to look somewhat ridiculous (the general tenor of the program) while he learned more about what his employees deal with. Further, his interaction with the employees demonstrated great empathy and in personal terms relative to his own life and family. Find a CEO that wants to understand his business and employees in depth and you will find a company that will be as succesful as it can be.


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