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  • howard_screws_siri howard_screws_siri Jan 16, 2012 12:19 PM Flag


    Why would anyone bother with these jokers if you have fios access???

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    • Not really, I have FIOS and I'm switching back as we speak to DirecTV.

      Who cars if you have fiber ? Consumers care about cost and value.

      FIOS is expensive, DirecTV offer much better balue.

    • FIOS is only in 8 million do the Math.

      and FIOS buildout is being put on hold...

      But i agree FIOS is a superior product...

      unfortunately Direct TV will be around for a long time to come

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      • For the year ended 2011, DTV announced 600,000 net new customers in the U.S., over 2 million net new customers in South America and almost 1 million new customers in Mexico.

        DTV is a major international entertainment provider. Also, the populations of Mexico, Brazil and other locations where they do business are seeing greater population growth and economic growth than the U.S.

        South America mines more minerals than the U.S. Anyone notice the direction of the price of gold,silver, iron ore, copper, over the last 5 years?

        Same goes for commodity prices and I understand Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, etc., export more beef around the world than does the U.S.

        This means more money for DTV subscription in the future as South and Central Americas population grows more than than North America. More people equals more households watching more TV.

      • I'm in the fiber business myself. FioS does not make sense in any 3rd-4th tier and rural market where DTV is prevalent. FioS only makes sense in very urban areas.

    • For sports fans, there is NO COMPARISON.
      DTV wins hands down.
      And now, the sports fans in South America can enjoy their favorite soccer team, live.
      DTV will continue to thrive on SUPERIOR service.

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      • DTV will not survive on sports alone. IPTV will make DTV obsolete. DTV uses ISP partners as they cannot provide ip themselves. Since those providers are also tv services providers with fiber optic access, well, you do the math.

        Apple IPtv is coming DTV. They were $8B over their revenue estimate. The future is not isolated satellite companies like DTV. DTV will be lucky for AT&T to buy them at their current stock value as the future is dimming for direct tv. IMHO.

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