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  • criticalobserver2001 criticalobserver2001 May 16, 2006 3:34 PM Flag

    Why isn't EPD up more

    KMP, NBP, and MMP are all up huge today. Yet EPD is up by very little. Is EPD due for a run? Or is it stuck in the delta mud?

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    • You know, yeskyrocks, alot of the stuff that he said on that radio broadcast he will freely tell you over the phone. Before I bought my first load of DPBM, he told me personally that the stock would see $1/share by years end. He has a sat-phone or something like it that he picks up. The phone number is in one of the PR's that he released like a month ago. I believe Im gonna pick up more shares at the 8.5 cents level and put a limit order in for Monday GTC. One part about DPBM that people dont realize, but will when they begin to release earnings reports, is that to keep up on expenses they do private salvage work on sunken yachts, etc. My only reservation about trading long-term as opposed to hype trading DPBM is that to sustain 1 dollar per share it would need to come up with a growth strategy (ie: more boats, more employees, more lines of work, expansion) because they have only a few tips on huge salvages and then after that its anyones guess as to what they do. My next question to Wilf would be about what he'd do with the cash from a 500 million dollar bounty (use it to grow, pay a dividend, or screw his shareholders). Nonetheless, glad to see your interest in DPBM. Dont think you could go too wrong here and I dont think there is much of a chance of this stock breaking 8 cents downward.

    • Thought you'd like this, a radio PR Tuesday on

      Should be interesting:


      Deep Blue Marine (OTC: DPBM - News) CEO Wilf Blum will be broadcasting a press conference at 10:30 a.m. Central on June 20, 2006. The conference will be hosted on Market News First ( and be available live over the Internet. Here Blum will give updates, news and information for shareholders and the general public."

      I own this stock and IMO we will see $1.50+/share within 2 years on this hard working company. Deep Blue is working year around to pay the bills, the business plan is more than just a treasure hunt. But, when the treasure is found the big gains will make me happy to be long.


      DPBM.PK has a PR Tuesday,


      Research shows that a ship of known origin sunk in the permit area and was carrying a cargo of 16 chests of silver and four chests of gold when she went down. The manifest value in today's values puts the wreck at more than $500 million. The wreck is believed to carry contraband that may also be worth millions.


      "This strong upgrade comes at a time when the company has signed an agreement to assist in the deep water recovery of an estimated $500 million of treasure. Deep Blue Marine will retain 20% of the net profit from the salvage they recover at the site. Project is anticipated to be completed by year-end 2006."


      Wilf Blum, president of Deep Blue Marine, said, "I'm very pleased with everything that happened down there. The group worked together well, and the technologies we used combined to produce several strong anomalies that included gold, silver, bronze and emeralds."
      Based on the data collected, the company is proceeding to apply for several survey and exploration permits. Once those permits are obtained, the company will proceed with survey and site plans for recovery permits.


      In March of 2006 the company began exploring a site outside the 3 mile limit in deep water. 2 weeks ago four divers worked in the area and recovered enough evidence to file an Admiralty Claim with the United States Federal Court. Legal council is preparing the information at this time. The wreck appears to be an 18th century vessel...


      Deep Blue Marine Inc. Spokesman James Brolin to Appear on Access Hollywood and Several Radio Talk Shows

    • I sold at .235. I do however think a big run will occur again. Look for it to hit .9 within the next 2 weeks, Pick up 75000 shares and sell in the .20s. Also FO is getting extremely cheap. Id nibble if I were you.

    • I noticed your comment on DPBM

      Are you still playing it?

      Its been moving a bit lately

    • Wow, Im glad I made that post when I did with all my stock picks. Two of em are up near 15% and just about the rest are up greater than 1%. Maybe my street-cred will advance on the EPD board now.LOL,

    • Thanks, com.. good post. Been working RAE the same way for a couple of years. Not this one though, got in a number of years ago and just keep building the position. And, have been paid very well.

    • thanks, com.. good post. been working RAE the same way for a couple of years. Not this one though, got in a number of years age and just keep building the position. And, have been paid very well.

    • Arb, I may sound frustrated with EPD but Im happy to be in the green here. As for my 30 percent per year, I do so swing trading and micro-cap trading. Ive had lots of winners and losers but have been right more of the time. In micro-caps, it often pans out that you'll make 2-300% or lose your entire investment. I dont think there's anything amazing about it at all. If you want to pick up a few grand, here are my picks: TINY a buy at 10.25, IFDG a 5 cent stock heading for well over a dollar without a great deal of risk (responds well to earnings and reports this week)--might just be the best stock in the whole market even though its on the OTCBB, WAG is a good swing play from 40 to 45 bucks, FO is good for 3 bucks, MSFT is good for 5 bucks in 52 weeks, DPBM is something that you can swing play all day long between 8 and 10 cents awaiting PR (which the company may be fraudulent and therefore never releases bad news). My formula for 30 percent yearly: You dont need to diversify across sectors if your in and out of stocks before a sector can tank, You do need to diversify across risky/unrisky individual stocks and be confident that you'll be right at least 60% of the time. Set stop losses on risky stocks (much of the time Im able to put it in profitable places).

      As for why Im in EPD, Ill say that this non-risky play (dividend would likely counteract any downside) is balanced by alot of other risk. And, I need that. This was the highest dividend paying stock/MLP not trading near a 52 week high with a lot of capex and announced growth.

      Weeks ago, I said on this board that JBLU was a good play from 9.25 to 10 (happened 2 days after I said it and that UNH was a good play from 45 to 50 (happened but since tanked). Speaking of which, easy money in UNH if you buy call options Jan08 strike-price 55 (but I'd wait a week or so to buy it as UNH as 2 more bucks of downside).

      Well, you can see my point of exhaustion (Work full time in a semi-stressful job and day-week trade) and reason for being in EPD. Im flipping stock positions like mad and could use a rock in the center of my perverbial portfolio garden. I stand by my statement that EPD is undervalued and Ive exhausted all mathematical energy posting this english-intensive explaination.

      (Addendum) Forgot to Add the sat. radio market stocks. SIRI and XMSR are in general downtrends but bounce often. You can catch 3,4 3-5 percent days in a row on these quite often if you keep an eye on 'em. Hope I didn't fill the board with useless jargon on stocks you all are not interested in. Nontheless, I may just be the exact opposite shareholder as all of you and therefore this may be an interesting read just to see how others are making money.

    • ARB..notice that BWP is not on your list. Did you uncover something negative that caused you to sell? BWP has certainly held up well over the past week...

    • Evidently everyone else got up earlier today! I too have looked at SXL anddecided not to invest because of concerns about its ability to grow. Unlike Chartny I will buy MLPs that are new and have done so with BWP and MWE. I had many of factoids concerns about the CAGR going forward and SXLs ability to continue distribution growth at at least an 8% rate.

      However, Iwould be more than happy to hear from someone that has numbers that suggest otherwise. Always happy to learn something new.


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