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  • mr_dragonslayer mr_dragonslayer Sep 22, 2006 6:29 AM Flag

    Dan is 35 on Forbes List

    35. Dan L. Duncan, 73, $7.5 billion, Houston, Texas, energy

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    • Re to loveovervalued
      "I've taken advantage of lots of opportunity over the years in September-October."

      One more data bit.

      From this date to Jan 7 of the following year: (20% of the calendar)

      10-26-95 gain 7.2%
      10-28-96 gain 8.0%
      10-27-97 gain 9.9%
      10-27-98 gain 19.2%
      10-26-99 gain 12.4%
      10-26-00 loss (5.0)%
      10-30-01 gain 9.9%
      10-29-02 gain 4.6%
      10-24-03 gain 9.5%
      All in the S&P500 data
      Average gain 8.4% per year (for period 2.4 months)
      Eight of nine years gained 4% or more in the period.

      As to the Dow, 11723 on 1-14-00
      Take 3% inflation, one time per year for the 6.7 years and that is equal to 14292. Based on day before yesterday, Dow is behind 2603 points or -18.2%.

      RUT 507.56 on 1-14-00
      Do the inflation the same and that is equal to 618.78. Actual on day before yesterday is 732.54 or +113.76 points or +18.4% in real value.

      So does it matter that the Dow might find it's way back to -18%? Only the news cares to fill the time slot with noise.
      I'm off the soap box now.

      Have a nice day.


    • Re to:love
      "have seen the lows during the "Sell in May and go Away" period."

      That period is not in good form. It was taken by using the best 6 months vs the worst 6 months of the year. Since we are not bound by 6 months, then maybe there is better info. It was a catchy phrase used to sell a web site.

      If you use 1990 through 2005, using the S&P500 as a proxy.

      From the first of the year,

      6-5 it is +4.7%
      7-13 it is +4.7% again.
      Not inbetween those dates, so we have a double peak.

      By 10-9 the gains are down to +0.7%.

      By the last day of the year, it is +8.3%

      Sell in May? Maybe about June 5.

      Buy on or about Oct 9 and the last quarter of the year is about +7.6%. Actually it is only 23% of the calendar.

      Just some data for thought.

      The chart is posted on a monitored yahoo group.

      Just in case anyone wants to see the actual data.


      ps from this date to the EOY.
      10-9-03 +7.0%
      10-11-04 +7.8%
      10-10-05 +5.1%

      When 10-9 fell on a weekend, I used the next trading day.

    • Wasn't he 33 last year?

      He's slacking. LOL.

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