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  • moodygrasshopper2001 moodygrasshopper2001 Oct 16, 2007 8:40 PM Flag

    epd/epe/dep/tpp-all raised the dividends

    all of dan duncan's partnerships raised dividends. epe, dep and epd today. tpp a few days ago. the raises are small in percentage, but it appears that these dividends will be raised every quarter fpr dep, epd and epe. perhaps, even tpp. these are beautiful core holdings that are not normally messed with by traders. cramer recommended epd unfortunately, but maybe he will shut up from here on so that we won't get the in-and-out jerks aboard.

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    • MLPS unfortunately are getting messed with as you put it regularly. They have attracted both the formation of several closed end funds that own a significant percentage of units and trade those units, the increasing growth has required larger financing and for institutions to hold many of those units in PIPEs for at least 90 days before they atempt to reap their profits, and last even hedge fus have found our quiet little world.

      Sadly the original market place for MLPs is changing and the factors that drove MLP unit prices up earlier this year have taken them back down. Was there a fundamnetal change in the companies or a change in their growth or distribution plans? - no. Was there a change is our tax system? - no.

      What there was was a group of people who figured out they could invest in MLPs and make money in a few months. Hope they won't be back, but don't count on it. People are trading MLPs more and more. Investors over the long term, like myself, are possibly becoming a bit of an endangered species.

      Long in EPD since 1996 ad still adding to my position.


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      • I've been holding a core EPD position (i.e.--1,000 shares) that I hope to hold for many years. Suppose that I bought added shares (i.e.--500 shares) at the current higher price and subsequently sold 300 of these shares. How would this be reflected on the year-end K-1.

        If this were a regular stock, I'd simply apply the 300 sold shares against the 500 share purchase to minimize taxes. Since this is a limited partnership and my reporting is based on the K-1, I am concerned that the 300 sold shares would be applied against my core 1,000 share holding thus resulting in higher taxes. Thanks to anyone who can clarify this for me.

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