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  • sufficientcash sufficientcash May 1, 2008 5:59 PM Flag

    If DEMs win presidency will they

    do away with MLPs? Its the perfect target for them.

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    • "AMWR can be drilled in an evirormentally friendly way."

      No.There is no shady or gray area here.
      We either protect the wilderness for our sake, and the sake of our children, and their children, and the world.
      Or we destroy the wilderness in exchange for keeping gasoline below $4 for a few more days.

      If we drill 20 years from now the oil will be gone, and part of the wilderness would also be gone.
      If we use our brains and reasoning (the things that make us human rather than animal) we can keep the wilderness forever, and not need the oil because of the alternatives that were established and became mainstream thanks to American ingenuity.

    • AMWR can be drilled in an evirormentally friendly way.

      Please with the hysteria

      The DEMS are controlling our children, pets and over 50%of our monies.

      Can you spell socialism?

    • At least he did not say Obama could drive Clinton and be like drivin Miss Daisy.

    • You're all brain washed. Dems and Reps are liberals to the core.

      Osama bin laden and his followers are conservatives. These men are still wearning frocks like Jesus Christ did. An eye for an eye gig.

      If you think you're conservative, go take a good look at the Amish who don't use electricity, watch tv, radio, etc, and limit women to just child bearing tools.

      Wake up, you're all liberals if you're able to read this.

    • toad head,
      what ya got to say about this?

      No R"s in the list;

      Just a bunch of socailists !

      No wonder you can't defend them

    • everyone's opinion is there own, see opinions are like a$$ Hole$ everyone has one. But I remember in 1998 Replubicians passed a bill to suspend the federal gas tax, vetoed by one Bill Jefferson Clinton, stating it would destroy our road infrastructure, Now The other Clinton is for it? Come on, smarten up! Someone out there with nothing to due go thru the congressional papers and see which party raised taxes the most. Any takers?

      • 1 Reply to tommyz17
      • Republican or Democrat it's all rhetoric to me. Each panders to the latest poll just to get elected and then it's back to business as usual. Hillary is going after the less affluent Obama crowd by suspending the gas tax, Obama is going after the better educated Hilary crowd saying it's stupid (which it is). McCain, loves defense PAC money but has been low key about the war because he knows it will be his downfall come the election. Whoever wins will inherit the greatest debtor nation. All of the candidates policies are scary. This country has had 25+ years to get it's fiscal house in order (Greenspan started talking about this in the early 80s) but as long as someone can kick the can down the road, instead of getting realistic and make the tough decisions, then we're likely to see an enourmous swell of discontent, devaluation of the dollar, and eventual rioting...not tomorrow, not next year but in 4-5 years as our debt eclipses our GDP.
        I would hazard to guess that one of my heroine addicted patients costs (jail, healthcare, social services, environmental impact on the community) about as much money over their wasted life as it would to educate an entire city elementary school for one year. We're way too easy on people in this country and that's why we're in this pickle. We should begin a phase out of welfare...find a job, get educated, join the military, or die...what happened to tough love?

    • Oh really.... Is that what Rush Limbaugh says?
      Try thinking freely for once.

    • Algore and liberal conmen have pulled off a great scam on our idiotic media and the uneducated masses. They are now able to blame man made global warming for all weather patterns. If its too warm,it a storm is strong,its man made, if its too cold or too much rain, its man made. How can people in the 21century be so stupid? How could anyone fall for any hoax with Algore involved? Amazing.

      The Dems are to blame for almost all of our energy problems and thats why they attack Saudis and big Oil. But,W had both houses of Congress early on and did nothing also. No drilling off of Florida? He even had the governor in his pocket, so dont tell me the Republicans are innocent in this debacle.

    • your a socialist with NO class !!

      saying you belive in capitolism does NOT mean a damn thing
      You want to raise taxes
      You will try and stop drilling for our oil
      You will not support second amendment
      and most important you LIE in order to con others opf your true purpose
      to tell them how to live and what to do !

      next time you stoop to calling someone a facist you better think hard about what your actions not what the bullshit that comes out of your trap.

      typical liberal SOCIALIST with no clue just like Al Gore

    • The EPD board has definitely wandered astray..

      Only 3 more weeks til hurricane season. Does anyone wonder when the first category 6 will come forth and test the infrastructure?

      Yes, yes, that question comes dangerously close to the political argument of global warming being propagated by lobbyists...but at least it's heading somewhat back in the direction of EPD..


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