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  • ch4_tycoon ch4_tycoon Jul 21, 2009 10:00 AM Flag

    For those wanting an MLP in an IRA

    <<<So you - ch4_tycooon, are suggesting one buy a closed end fund

    No, I am saying that I have seen on this board some folks desiring to hold MLP's in an IRA. The CEF I pointed out would allow for that in a relatively simple fashion.

    I own EPD directly, not in a CEF, and I point out that there are hefty fees to the "privilege" of owning a CEF.

    <<<while I try to play well with others

    You sound more like a prick to me.

    • Then, let me ask - hopefully in a less prick-like way, that you explain your logical justification for your suggestion of KYN over the other MLP CEFs. The year to date stats for the MLP CEFs -

      Of the nine MLP CEFs that I track, KYN has had the third best NAV appreciation - which it pretty good. But if that is one of your criteria, then why not choose the CEF with the best appreciation [TYY] when it sells at a much lower price/NAV ratio?

      Why are you suggesting the one MLP CEF with the highest price/NAV ratio? Why are you suggesting one of the MLP CEFs that have cut its div over the last twelve months and not one of the MLP CEFs that have raised the div?

      And why suggest a remedy to a problem - which to me implies that you are continuing the false expectation that every MLP has an UBTI problem when held in an IRA?

      Why not share your UBTI experience [the data] with EPD since you have held those units?

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