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  • factoids2002 factoids2002 Jul 21, 2009 4:16 PM Flag

    For those wanting an MLP in an IRA

    Then, let me ask - hopefully in a less prick-like way, that you explain your logical justification for your suggestion of KYN over the other MLP CEFs. The year to date stats for the MLP CEFs -

    Of the nine MLP CEFs that I track, KYN has had the third best NAV appreciation - which it pretty good. But if that is one of your criteria, then why not choose the CEF with the best appreciation [TYY] when it sells at a much lower price/NAV ratio?

    Why are you suggesting the one MLP CEF with the highest price/NAV ratio? Why are you suggesting one of the MLP CEFs that have cut its div over the last twelve months and not one of the MLP CEFs that have raised the div?

    And why suggest a remedy to a problem - which to me implies that you are continuing the false expectation that every MLP has an UBTI problem when held in an IRA?

    Why not share your UBTI experience [the data] with EPD since you have held those units?

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    • I wrote "Why are you suggesting the one MLP CEF with the highest price/NAV ratio?"

      DANG! I should have wrote SECOND to the highest. But the price/NAV number for SRV looks too high to be believed [look as its extreme NAV volatility as calculated at - ]. Some of that may have to do with the delay between the NAV updates and the current prices. With a lot of MLPs up 10% or more this month [examples as of 7-17: DEP, EPD, EXLP, GEL, HEP, MWE, NGLS, PAA, RGNC, TLP, WPZ, MMLP], the CEF with the largest delay in its NAV update will tend to have the largest price/NAV ratio. So the price to NAV ratios in the spreadsheet posted at Investor Village [the link in my last post] can be funky due to that delay and due to be major price appreciation happening this month.

      So I want to give ch4-tycoon a pass on the potential fault of suggesting a CEF with an out of line price/NAV - those numbers are out of whack due to delays in updating the NAVs - while the price portion of the price/NAV ratios are current as of 7-17.

      Sorry for not noticing this error plus this potential 'systems' error in the calculations. This problem could potentially explain goto_golfers impression that the price/NAVs look manipulated.

    • <<<hopefully in a less prick-like way

      nope, it didn't work. Still, maybe more douchebagish.

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      • Yea, everybody has their own way of posting I suppose. I'm usually very blunt and tell off bashers, jerks, and boiler room bozos.... except on this board. Maybe because I don't worry about manipulation here....probably because if GS or some group messed with Dan's great-grandkids inheritance, he'd spank them and send them back to up duh street crying.

        Really CH4, on a different board, I might have said something like I always felt Kayne Anderson manipulated energy stocks and I didn't trust them or the boiler rooms they employed. I'm not sure if that qualifies as prickish or douchebagish since it would have been an honest impression and not meant to insult or deceive. How would you classify it?

      • ch4_tycoon replied: "nope, it didn't work. Still, maybe more douchebagish."

        Then show me an example of how I could have disagreed with your post - and stated the facts behind that disagreement - and not have come across in a manner that so displeases you.

        It would aid the edification of this board if we shared our UBTI experiences with EPD - to verify if EPD is [or is not] an UBTI problem in an IRA. This is my second request of you to do this. Could you at least to this - if not for me - then for the rest of the board?

        If one searches the prior posting by me on this board and other MLPs, you will see that this is something I have already posted. If I need to re-port the info, then I will gladly do so after you and the several who are giving 5 star rec's to your posts first respond.

        You began this thread with an attempt to aid the board with information. We can end this argument with the same kind of effort.

    • That FMV price to NAV sounds manipulated. I'd be a seller of KYN if I owned it.

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