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  • opie_cunninham opie_cunninham Feb 27, 2010 9:22 AM Flag

    Thoughts on Online Brokers

    >>>Why waste your money on E.Jones? They dont give a damn about you!!

    LOL...yeah, I agree. They are more interested in making money with your money than they are with making YOU money with your money. They pimp American Funds mutual funds because they make a killing on them.

    I had a EdJones account (still do actually). The rep was trying to get me to invest in some new whoopdeedoo account that they were offering. I pointed out to the rep what the differences were in the returns I achieved September 2008 to late 2009 in my Schwab and Fidelity accounts versus the EdJones account. I was actually UP quite nicely for the period, she was down with the money that she was "professionally" managing. She shut the heck up after that.

    I actually like Fidelity and their Active Trader Pro software...better than Schwabs Street Smart Pro. It is fast and easy to execute trades, and for $7.95/trade it is a pretty good deal.

    Now it EXC would get off the deck and make us some money...

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