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  • investor952 investor952 Jul 7, 2010 1:25 PM Flag

    EPD or ETP?


    which is a better buy now? EPD or ETP? should i sell my epd and buy ETP?

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    • Not a great choice. I don`t believe ETP will be in a position to increase its distribution in the near future and that is a big driver in price appreciation. I`d sell anything but EPD if I could. I`d wait for a dip in ETP to the $44.00 to $45.00 range which it was recently at. The most money i`ve ever made from a single stock was ETP but that was years ago before it split. EPD just isn`t a company to sell, but a great one to add to.Only my opinion.

    • I am sure you will probably get some feedback on your question, but I would like folks who ask these kind of questions to show to use their due diligence FIRST.

      What are the differences in the two MLPs cost of capital? What are the yields of similar maturities of publicly traded debt? What are the debt/EBITDA ratios? What are the distribution CAGR expectations? Are there stories to back up those CAGR expectations? Is the way the two MLPs makes money different? Does that difference result in more volatility for one than the other? What are the forward DCF/share expectations and what are the price/DCF ratios for 2010, 2011 and 2012? What are the distribution growth histories? What are the DCF/share histories? Are their differences in the distribution/DCF ratios and what does that mean?

      Of course [and being overly cynical when writing this], chances are if you did the due diligence to provide those answers, you might not need to ask the question [hint - there is an obvious answer]. But if you did the due diligence, then you would know which answers to your questions to ignore. And chances are, you will find people disagreeing about the answer, even on the EPD board.

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