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  • factoids2002 factoids2002 Jun 28, 2011 8:03 AM Flag

    Question for Liza

    Investor Village is now offering a
    Free 7-Day Trial Premium Membership. If you are not completely satisfied, simply cancel online or over the phone during the first 7 days and you will not be billed.

    Even better! If you aren't sure premium is right for you, call us at 888-222-7309 during your 7-day trial and we'll convert your account to a Free Basic Membership at no cost to you.

    The Yearly Membership fee is $71.88 (which is just under 20 cents per day)

    If you place your cursor over the user ID of the person posting a message, a tiny pop up window will inform you whether the member is a basic or premium member. While I would encourage you to be a premium member [premium members get to edit or delete their messages - and any newbie will end up posting something they will eventually want to delete**], you should be aware that there are a heck of a lot of 'basic' members.

    So you 'lurkers' have a chance to try premium membership for free - and then convert [again for free] to basic membership. And you have the chance to submit your UBTIs [and build a needed resource that can not be found at any other place] . . . and get free twice a month MLP updates [that are worth at least twice that price] when you join this board's UBTI collection effort.

    If you are an IV member - there is a 20% chance that you will end up being a UBTI volunteer.
    If you are not an IV member [but a lurker on that MLP board] - there is only a 1% chance that you will end up being a UBTI volunteer.
    I would rather see more in the 20% group and less in the 1% group.

    My question to Liza - why have you not taken IV up on this free offer - and why are you not a UBTI volunteer?

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    • "why are you not a UBTI volunteer?"

      Have considered it and may do so in a future year. With over 30 K-1s (and rising) I'd be a good candidate. However with >30 MLPs (and a bunch of trusts which are more time consuming at tax time) I tend to be pretty busy during K-1 season.

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      • artist_formerly_known_as_pooch artist_formerly_known_as_pooch Jun 29, 2011 5:03 PM Flag

        I agree

        I've been part of Factoids group for 2 years. His data is the first place I look in beginning my DD--the first cut. His data has shaped my MLP portfolio over the past year and I've done well with it.

        But it's not just the data, he does provide a wealth of explanation as to how he comes up with those numbers and what they mean. It's well worth the time

        And speaking of time, it's small minutes per K-1. Gather your cost basis/ purchase date then report your line 20v per 100 units. Piece of cake.


      • Hi Liza,

        I have 13 MLPS, and was at first worried about the time it would take to put the UBTI data together, but I did it in 45 minutes this year, so I figure no more than 2 hours for your 30. The private data messages we get in exchange are really useful and I am sure you would value them as I do.

      • wisepoliticaleconomist wisepoliticaleconomist Jun 28, 2011 11:27 PM Flag


        Factoids does incredible work and anyone who takes the time and effort to understand his research will profit hansomely.

        Your considerable MLP exposure puts you in a unique position to contribute towards Factoid's UBTI project.

        I would definitely consider this a worthwhile opportunity and have contributed to several of Factoids' projects in the past to the best of my ability.

        Honestly, it has been more than worth it to lend a hand. For every unit of labor I expend assisting his projects, Factoids returns the favor 10,000x with his precious elucidation.

        Quite Sincerely,
        WISE GUY

      • Liza;
        If you send an email to the project I will get in touch with you.

        The project's email address is

        Alternatively you could send an email to my Yahoo email address:

    • Question, please - what are the "twice a month" MLP updates?


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      • jrad, it's worth looking. Factoids spends much time on this and he charges nothing. If one sends their UBTI info (only send per 100 units. No total units) and he will then private message you with several spread sheets. With your accounting ability you will enjoy this. This is for every MLP available.

      • "Question, please - what are the "twice a month" MLP updates?"

        Factoids does an incredible amount of MLP related research. He sends TO PEOPLE WHO CONTRIBUTE DATA TO THE IV UBTI DATA PROJECT multiple Private Messages (on the IV system) a month about MLPs. His PMs include data-rich factual updates as well as his own analysis.

        As hard as it is to believe in this world, there is no catch whatsoever here. No selling, no money, no stock pumping, no hidden traps. I am 99.9999% sure that Factoids has no financial involvement with IV (other than as a paying member). Factoids is offering his periodic PMs as a carrot to encourage people to contribute their real-world UBTI results to the IV UBTI project. Why? Because he thinks it is an important project that provides MLP investors more information about the UBTI experiences than is available anywhere.

        The data is sent to the UBTI project in a way that it is as anonymous as your IV nickname (or Yahoo nickname). We collect the data in the form of UBTI per 100 units owned, so we get no information on whether you own 10 units or 10,000. We never reveal email addresses or other personal information. So far we have TY 2010 data from 990 K-1s. That data comes from 108 individuals, and from 78 different MLPs. We have more data on EPD investments than any other MLP; 71 observations from EPD investments starting as far back as 1992.

        The data we collect takes about 2 minutes per MLP to calculate. "Calculate" seems like a highfalutin word for dividing UBTI (line 20V on your K-1) and dividing by the # of units you own. We also ask a few simple questions such as what was the initial purchase date (month/year) and do you reinvest distributions. For many it takes longer to write the info into a message and send it than it takes to calculate it. It is likely it will take you longer to pull your K-1s out of your tax files than to prepare and send the data to us (at least if your filing system is as bad as mine is).

        Disclosure: I am not a disinterested bystander here. Factoids started the IV UBTI data project 4 (?) years ago. This year I am heading up a small team of IV members that took on handling the incoming data and summarizing it. This gives Factoids more time to work on MLP research.


      • I have just posted the headers and data from the first line of the spreadsheets at Investor Village so that such a question can be answered.

        The link:

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