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  • Mktplyr517 Mktplyr517 May 11, 2012 5:33 PM Flag

    Distribution growth and costs

    I certainly don't disagree with any of that...

    Carny said I was full of crap when I stated a simple fact... that EPDs performance was middle of the pack

    I used a quickly available chart to prove it... and those #s quite conveniently were for the trailing 3 years... which I believe was his challenge/wager

    The horse has been beaten to death.... I see no special return over the time frame given that so much cash has been retained....

    Perhaps it starts to pay off big time moving forward... but I'm skeptical.... IF they raise the growth rate along the lines that you have proposed... EPD will probably perform the best in a troubled sector when the Fed acts

    and I fully comprehend that it is the quality balance sheet that they have created that will make it so... I never once implied that the policy of retaining large amounts of cash wasn't a good one...

    All I ever said was that the time had passed to bump the rate by a very small amount... and unfortunately many posters failed to comprehend it

    and I'll tell you that I do not like being talked down to by someone as ignorant as Carny... beyond the silliness of calling a 1/4 cent bump drastic... who cares how he believes EPDs performance is the best..... He talks down at me and says that distributions are tax free... that IF the company is bought.. that there is a step up in cost basis... It would be outright dangerous for people to believe his posts are remotely factual... especially given the tax analysis we see here

    I have seen posters on this board taken to the woodshed for simple mistakes of calling the distribution a dividend... calling a unit a share...

    But no one challenged this putz of a cheerleader when he made completely ignorant statements like I have pointed out... and I know in my gut that you know his comments were outright stupid

    and BTW.... I admire your profession... because good teachers who care about kids... matter... good teachers make an impact on my daughter every day... who is a junior in HS

    and you make a big impact on this board with those that take the time to understand what you are saying... still teaching

    unfortunately I think some like what you say... but haven't learned anything as a result

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