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  • reit_freak reit_freak Sep 25, 2012 3:12 PM Flag

    All you rocket scientists miss the point as usual

    I do not mean to dismiss or disrespect your position on this issue in any way, but I do strongly and sincerely urge you to pick up a copy of "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" (the newer annotated edition) at your local library, and read it cover to cover. Right or wrong, moral or immoral, legal or illegal - you've really got to establish a reality-based view of how the markets work, or you'll be doomed to constant frustration (and losses)......

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    • I'm certainly not naive but I have to say the resident cheerleaders who think that EPD mgmt are saints certainly are

      My comments are made publicly so someone says what is obvious.

      The cheerleaders on the board will not even address the issues directly... all they do is attack anyone who will point out the indiscretions of EPD mgmt

      The cheerleaders don't even realize that EPD most probably acted in concert with the underwriters who were pumping the stock Friday and Monday at higher levels... delivering shares that they knew they would get cheaper from the Secondary...

      a practice that is in fact illegal

      No one should be a "proud unitholder" of EPD regardless of performance... ethics and legality do matter...

      and EPD Board members should be ashamed of the recent news cycle that they approved

      I had a right to know all relevant news... they did not afford me that right... but it appears that others certainly had the news and the ability to profit off of it.... which means that they profited at my expense

      And I have every right to be ticked off and to say it here

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      • mktply - You have the right to be ticked off but not at EPD. The leaks come from the brokers who handle the secondary - NOT EPD. The situation is endemic simply because when you have several thousand people in the banking and brokerage industries who h

        ARBave that infomation it simply cannot be a secret.

      • You can be TICKED OFF until the Cows come home, And you can stay TICKED OFF until Hell Freezes Over and it won`t change a thing.I might add that SMUG looks awful on you so if you have it in you try and scrape togeather a little Humility and ADMIT that your Saintly View of Dan Duncan is sorely misplaced. He was as RUTHLESS as they Come. You don`t make Billions of dollars by being Mister Rogers. He could and did Manipulate things in his favour as do all Good Business People. Now compared to Aubrey over at CHK Dan was a Saint but he just didn`t suffer from the particular type of GREED as Aubrey. You have no way of proving a Damn thing you say it`s all speculation on your part But YOU are trying to MANIPULATE the Board Members into agreing with you. Quit being a WHINER and be Happy.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • Take some of your own advice: Seek Therapy.

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