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  • arbtrdr arbtrdr Jan 7, 2013 11:04 AM Flag

    this thing is a juggernaut

    bruno - Since MLPs are genrally closely priced by thier distributions and the fact that EPD has already preannounced its next four distributions, why do you think it will move into the 60s in a "few months"? I read you feel thier huge project completions will make the difference, but again here EPD has had $4B+ in projects a year for some years going both back and planned going forward. They need that just to continue moving the needle.

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    • the relative certainty here does it for me. i think retail demand for MLP's will continue to inch up as the energy infrastructure story continues to play out.

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      • I agree with your comment. My question was created by your use of "juggernaut". EPD is more the slow and steady story. It has an interesting history of gnerally moving up in price 10-15% and then being flat for a year or more before the next move upward. EPD had a tough 2012 with the MLPs in the midstream arena not doing very well. EPD caught up in that as well. Personally I am very happy to be looking at a distribution run rate for YE 2013 of $2.76. That gives a yield of about 5.3%. There is the possibility of another .01 along the way according to the October press release. The 6.1% increase is not spectacular but is sustainable.

      • while I agree with your sentiment, I don't think there is any doubt their will a wall at 4% to where the distribution combined with remaining capital appreciation puts a lid on the unit price.. I suspect we approach the high's prior to the ex-date and then trade lower for a couple weeks following as per the norm. I'm interested to see how the k-1 affects selling this year. There is usually pressure around tax time as newbies or uneducated MLP investors are spooked by the special tax form and what they see as a hassle. I think many of the weaker hands may have been shaken out prior to Jan 1 for reasons that have been detailed here.

        Anyway, while I have no doubt the unit price will hit 60 at some point, I feel pretty confident it won't be in the next few months. Hopefully by year end, in the mean time, love the drip plan and watching the gains compound.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • I agree, the question boils down to which mlp will provide the greatest return. sometimes it like reading tea leaves.)). Anyway my favorite ones are, FUN, MMP, PAA, SXL, CLMT and RNF. GLTA.

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