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  • no1matemary no1matemary Jan 15, 2013 8:53 AM Flag


    I'm more worried that Obama wants to take tax defer away. See article today.

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    • The Chief Redistributionist will do everything to take from the middle class and give to the underclass. It's his stated ideology.

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      • cindy989 Jan 17, 2013 10:53 PM Flag

        Spoken like a true Non Thinking Republican. The Underclass as you smugly put it don`t have two nickels to rub togeather and the middle class is quickly and systematically being erased. The Wealth Gap has reached unheard of levels and they are trying for MORE. Their reaching for the Brass Ring by putting out all that BS about Entitlement Programs being whats killing the Economy and creating this out of control debt. For you to place the blame on Obama instead of where it squarely belongs, CONGRESS AND SENATE is Childish at best. The average American is continiously fleeced of their meager wealth by the Goldman Sachs of the world and the reason we`re such easy targets is because our fearless leaders set us up for the picking.One of the better ones was the legislation that removed student loans fom Bankruptcy Protection. Who benefited from that and who paved the way for them.

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    • "The break for these “master limited partnerships” will cost taxpayers about $1.5 billion from October 2010 through September 2015, Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation estimated last January."

      Savings of $1.5b over 5 years? Not worth the effort, imo, especially considering that the US needs investment in energy infrastructure with the shale boom. MLP structure has been very successful in encouraging investment in energy infrastructure. Why would they sabotage that for $1.5b over 5 years which is miniscule compared to the size of the debt?

    • "The Obama administration has gestured to both sides. In a framework for corporate tax reformissued last year, it proposed lowering the top corporate rate to 28 percent and covering the cost in part by eliminating breaks such as MLPs."
      If they extend the break to the green energy co's, it should influence BO to not push to eliminate the MLP break-no?

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