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  • mktplyr517 mktplyr517 Jan 22, 2014 12:05 PM Flag

    I love it when I get ticked off...

    hers is how much we are being screwed.... IF EPD gave us a one time bump of $.28 they would still cover the dist buy 1.3+Xs.... let me ask.... what would a 28 cent increase in the distribution do to unit value?

    Hey... IF the yield stayed the same we would be at about $72 unit... no one would want that now do they... oh wait.... younger investors would like that as the DRIP the dist..... it just screws older long term holders

    I'll bet that those that like to drip today will feel like me when they use the distribution to fund their retirement

    and I love the thumbs down... proves that there are a bunch of clueless shills on the board....who cringe everytime some one expresses an opinion that is actually relevant to the company

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    • If by a "one time bump" you mean a special dividend just for one quarter then it should have no lasting impact on price. Or do you mean increasing to 98c and continuing to increase every quarter from that amount? That would be a 40% increase in the distribution which would mean they would no longer have a secure coverage ratio and so would be more exposed to volatility based on whether they are going to cover the distribution. Something a little less extreme than a 40% increase would make a better argument, however the argument is still not worth having because this message board does not get to determine the distribution policy. Your argument is pointless unless addressed to EPD IR.

    • Then hit the bid and find something that better meets your needs. Whining about it here year in and year out has done what for you?

    • Ah, Winnie the Whiner strikes again.

      "I'll bet that those that like to drip today will feel like me when they use the distribution to fund their retirement."

      Just so happens that I for one am funding my retirement with this and other dividend stocks. Epd has tripled from my average cost & my yield on cost is 14%+. Poor poor me! If only they would listen to you I'd be rich beyond dreams. Oh boo ho, boo ho.


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