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  • nairbnik May 21, 2014 7:00 PM Flag


    Seems like tigt range ?

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    • Oh my, look now, 6-2-14; what that be bro!, 10 days later ........ up into $75.5 area from 73.25 area

    • Looks like EPD broke out of the recent tight range to a new all-time high today (Friday, May 30, 2014.) I've given up trying to guess the top. I'll let you know what the top is after it happens. It seems as if whenever I sell at what looks like a "top", the stock goes higher. Then, I'm sitting on the outside watching it go still higher and waiting for an opportunity to get back in. By the time the pullback comes, it's usually higher than where I sold. I've missed the dividends (distributions), paid a capital gains tax, and have nothing to show for my efforts. My conclusion is that it's better to just sit back and relax until the fundamental picture changes. IMO, EPD is in the right business at the right time in the right place, and there's no reason to get out. As long as the company continues to pay an ever-increasing distribution with sufficient coverage to be comfortable, I'll just go along for the ride. My only regret is that I don't own a whole lot more than I do. Instead of looking for an opportunity to sell what I have, I'll look for an opportunity to buy more. I've been in this game for nearly 60 years, and I've seldom regretted owning stocks. However, I've very often regretted selling them. You people should follow my example, stick with what's working, and stop thinking about selling. You can learn a lot from my mistakes.

    • With many of national trucking companies converting to NG, pipeline revenues will increase. EPD will fare nicely...Cummins/Westport with new engine for 18 Wheelers, they claim it is a 30% plus savings in fuel costs over diesel.

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      • Don't forget that nearly all of the Class 1 railroads are working on modify their locomotives to run on natural gas and oil. Union Pacific is using the principal of a tank car full of LNG connected between two locomotives. Run the trains between Los Angeles and Chicago, refilling at each end. Norfolk Southern has 2 switchers hooked together with the engine removed from one loco and a big tank of compressed natural gas in its place.

    • No way.

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