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  • oscalsis_98 oscalsis_98 Mar 27, 1999 9:37 AM Flag

    Insider reporting BS

    Jennie this clawn is shorting

    Jennie don't
    worry this clownis shorting. I'm in since the IPO @ 22.
    I've acquired more as it's gone down and by all means
    check out insider trading and you will find nothing but

    Dr. Mel

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    • Unrelated business income above $1000 is taxable in a regular IRA. Be careful.

    • Take a look at Yahoo's insider buying page. Heavy
      buying by the CEO and company in Dec, Jan, & Feb. +
      Stock is rated a strong buy by six analysts. + Div
      yield is about 11.5% Does anyone have any more info
      about div and company's ability to pay. This looks like
      a long term hold for an I.R.A, etc., fantastic
      yield + price appreciation. Any thoughts?

    • Check out the news - California is dropping MTBE;
      some of EPD's biggest customers are MTBE producers and
      they are part owners in an MTBE plant. I wouldn't bet
      a lot of new money on this stock right now. May be
      OK as a yield play but not for big capital gains
      since they pay out most earnings as dividends.

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      • The objection to MBTE as I understand it is that
        it is not readily biodegradable. As a result when it
        gets into the environment it eventually pollutes water
        sources resulting in potential health risks. One of the
        precursors of MBTE, I assume, is either is secondary butyl
        alcohol or tertiary buytl alcolol. All these molecules
        have one oxygen atom in them. Ethyl alcohol has been
        used for years in the Mid West so evedently alcohol is
        a good source of oxygen for gasoline. The process
        for making secondary butyl alcohol and tertiary butyl
        alcohol has been know for at least 60 years. Both are
        produced from butylenes, normal in the case of secondary
        butyl alcohol, and iso in the case of tertiary butyl
        alcohol. A mixture of the two could be produced from a
        refinery effulent stream and used in gasoline directly
        with out the need to separate them in a distillation
        step. In the past secondary butyl alcohol has been
        converted into MEK, a paint thinner.

        If anybody from
        the company reads these notes, why not simply use

        a butyl alcohol or a mixture of them as the source
        of oxygen? The process for making it is well know,
        simple, and I would expect inexpensive. It would
        eliminate the step of converting it to an ether. I would
        think either butyl alcohol would be readily
        biodegradable. The mole ratio of oxygen in the compond is higher
        than MTBE and I imagine that would be good. It would
        seem to make everybody happy.

        An investor.

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