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  • chem_oiler chem_oiler Apr 23, 1999 10:57 AM Flag

    Tejas & Enterprise

    Any more word regarding the JV between Enterprise & Tejas?? It is supposed to involve the liquids and pipeline businesses. What about the propylene fractionation facilities?


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    • key is the owner, the best mind in liquids
      business... remember it is a business, so care about
      employees is subordinate to making profit... generally fair
      and loyal... concern is aging of upper management,
      and grooming of replacements...

    • watch and see! Their management is very good at
      turning things around. It would be nice if they would do
      a little better on the
      benifits though. How
      about some stock options. That would be nice. Their
      working on the benifits. Actually, its a pretty good
      outfit to work for..... Profit sharing would work too.
      The 401K's
      not bad. 10% match would be better.

    • hope you are right about caring about their
      employees, but with no retirement plan, i tend to doubt it.
      on the other hand, you sure hit the nail on the head
      when you said shell was more worried about meeting &
      eating out. personally, i think that upper management
      with shell were also spending way too much of their
      time trying to figure out how to pad their pockets at
      the expense of the employees. they were also worried
      about the queen taking over their "company", which i
      wish she would do & kick all of the upper management
      out to the street. what i have seen & heard so far
      about enterprise seems to be good - to paraphrase the
      big shots "i am excited!!" about the move to
      enterprise. if for no other reason, to be out from under the
      incompatent leadership of shell. i agree with you that the
      stock should soar in the next 1/2 - 1 year, just as
      soon as they start running the gas plants as they
      should be ran, if they do & i think they will.

    • EPD stock will soar in the next year with the
      purchase of the Louisiana GAS Plant Assets. There is Tub
      of money to be made if these plants were well
      managed. Shell Got away from taking care of their
      facilities the last several years and were more concerned
      about meetings and eating out. I feel Enterprise will
      come in and be very profitable soon due to the upturn
      in NGL prices. This is their game and I am looking
      foward to working for someone who cares about their
      employees and facilities.

    • EPD 1998 annual report is available at;

      Once any company is selected, click on the
      industry or
      state of that company. All companies within
      the same industry or
      state will appear. Additional
      annual report selections may be
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    • First of all, EPD has for many years maintained
      assets in the Louisiana/Mississippi/Alabama areas. EPD's
      alliance with Tejas/Shell positions EPD to profit from the
      large off shore natural gas discoveries in the Gulf of
      Mexico which are beginning to come on shore and reguires
      processing. EPD's business is the processing, storage, and
      transportation of NGL (Natural gas liquids) and EPD is a low
      cost provider of these services. My opinion is that
      Shell, knowing that EPD could do the job cheaper, turned
      over the Tejas buz in La. to EPD as an out sourcing
      type agreement. Shell saves money and EPD makes money.
      I have no problem with this as a unit holder of

    • Re-read the press release dealing with the purchase. Their web page ( has them all available.

    • Why would a company invest so heavily in another
      state when their main place of operations is in
      another? They nearly doubled their assets when they
      engineered a stock swap with Tejas based in Louisiana. Does
      this mean that we should look for a take over by

    • This is an MLP and therefore the payouts are
      based upon distributable cash flow which is
      significantly different from
      "earnings". Distributable cash
      flow coverage for 1999 should be about 1.4 times the
      payout for the senior units.

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