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  • seventycentspergallon seventycentspergallon Nov 14, 2000 10:42 AM Flag

    And a couple more items....

    Nope I don't work for EPC or EPD. I talk to NGL
    traders, brokers, shipping agents and wholesalers and I
    read Reuters, Gas Processors Report and other "rags"
    for confirming data.

    You don't have to work at
    the Johnson Space Center to put the pieces of the NGL
    game together. Sometimes all the data doesn't add
    up....sometimes it does.

    EPD is unique in the business and
    a fun business to be part of as a shareholder.

    A lot the info I post is gleened from talks with
    propane traders who work hard and diligently and never
    waste corporate time hunting, fishing and golfing on
    company time.
    I only deal with professionals.

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    • All the gererators we are talking about are steam
      driven. The fire box is the factor determing the feul
      source. To swith an individual gernerator would mean to
      change the fire box. You can not use the same pipes for
      both oil and gas and the burners themselves will not
      handle it. I take the meaning here to be that they have
      standby oil generating capacity that they can crank up
      when needed. I don't believe they actually change fire
      boxes on any one generator. That would be a rather
      complex and massive operation. Very few (to my knowledge)
      have maintained side by side generators. I believe
      PG&E is highly dependant on NG but they have their own
      sources. I don't know much about the southern part of the

    • looked at this before but looked again
      today's earnings release was fear
      is the
      size(market cap)possibly hampering the
      liquidity when
      seeking to exit...these MLP's
      are very sensitive to
      politics,accidents and
      legal questions....remember how EPD was
      affected by the bad publicity on MBTE's before
      the hike
      in gas prices...California was going to put an
      immediate ban on MBTE....on the
      positive side the
      earnings and yield is very
      attractive and if one had
      more knowledge of the
      asset portfolio one might
      weigh the takeover debt is
      another big plus
      but makes buyouts more
      difficult...would like
      to hear more comments if others look at

    • any opinions on atlas pipe line-apl

    • I noticed. It really dovetailed with the conversation.

    • this is what I referred to in my last
      fear of prices going too high caused a switch
      oil in the past but the new plants coming online
      would never have gotten built if they were anything but
      nat. gas....
      I live in Calif. and we have had
      colder than normal weather with bills for gas often
      or triple last year...the media has been saying to
      expect a 50% usual we
      must fear the
      repercussion of extremes but
      Washington is presently busy
      with other problems!!!!!

    • I've been an EPD shareholder for a year now
      read all I can about the business...I'm
      bullish long term in investing in domestic nat.
      plays....I've been researching Kinder Morgan;both the common
      and the L.P. The L.P.
      seems more attractive
      although it is not a pure
      nat. gas play...I see some
      similarities to EPD
      with the refining,processing,pipelines
      storage....wonder what your opinion of this

      • 2 Replies to hoodsie99
      • hoodsie99: FYI I own KMP, the LP. One of the
        sources which finalized my decision to buy was a piece in
        Barron's by David L. LaBonte, an analyst at SSB who
        follows natural resource MLP's. Twice a year he does a
        piece on natural resource LP's & his favorite is KMP.
        When it was around 38 eariler this year he said it
        would be at 50 by year end. He also likes EPD.

      • Wall Street loves Richard Kinder. He is a
        shareholder's dream. I think he only pays himself one dollar a
        year. He reminds me of Harold Dunn, famous businessman,
        Aggie and philanthropist. Dunn was former chairman of
        Diamond Shamrock in the late 60s.

        I like all
        things KMI. The partners had a come-to-Jesus talk with
        the KN Energy staff at acquisition time.. Said,
        "We're going to get this business "out of the
        ditch..."!! Then they set about to do so. KMI people know
        markets and risk management as good as Wall Street. Other
        oil patch firms are not so bright.

        If Wall
        Street loves them, then so do I.

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