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  • ibetnoonehasthis ibetnoonehasthis Jul 21, 2004 10:44 PM Flag

    The reality of the situation

    Law enforcement agencies worldwide will increasingly adopt non (hopefully) lethal weapons to cope with increasing dislocations within societies. All policemen worldwide will carry these tools in years to come. TASER has a great name and is firstest with the mostest. Shorts, prosper today, tomorrow clutching at crumbs. This is Ford, GE, Microsoft all over again. $25, $20 today, tommorrow, yesterday who cares. Just buy the shares and forget about them. This is a $500 stock and I will get very rich accumulating them. Bollinger Bands !@#$shit, cup and handles who cares, 10-20 or 50 shares a week and I'll retire happy and probably very soon.

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