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  • first1billion first1billion Jan 12, 2005 6:03 PM Flag


    Growth rate of revenue matters the most and tasr's market will be cut 66% due to competition,not to mention profit margine going down.

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    • dickless, it is so clear that you don't know shit about economics so let me enlighten you for a moment.

      The inital cost of a product is at the EXTREME upon start of production. Economies of scale, that is the more you make, each subsequent unit then takes on some of the initial start up cost and therefore each unit brings DOWN the overall cost of the units being produced. Still with me? good.

      It would beg remembering that now that TASER is producing thousands of x and c 26's, their overall cost per unit has fallen damatically over the last few years.

      Therefore, unitl the so called competition is able to take advantae of large production runs, they will not see the margins TASER enjoys for years to come.

      As for the market being cut by two thirds, just because they say they are better doesn't mean that the end user is going to agree with them.

      no products shipped mean no sales for STIY or LENF. Then the fun come in when they have to report earnings but that is another lesson for you when you pass basic economics 101. (that's a collage course, did you know that?)

    • This my friend is the greatest potential problem and no amount of spin will change this.


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