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  • beantownjojo beantownjojo Feb 21, 2013 7:43 PM Flag

    There was nothing said in the conference call

    To cause such a selloff. But if any longs hung in there for years, believing in the company and products, while they lost money or broke even every year, you can clearly see the company is turning the corner, and earning real money. All while the world and all governments are cutting back big time in expenses.
    All the shootings have only helped Taser's reputation, and in the next 2-3 years, the users of axon / evidence will become their best "word of mouth" sales staff. So if you hung in there in bad times, hang in now. Things are better and getting better. Daily is gone, even he knows the truth by now. Today's selloff was either margin calls for who knows what other investements hedge funds had, or 100% manipulation that should be looked into. I think it was Wall Street's way of helping out their fellow brothers who were short, and now they'll run it back up again....probably by the analyst day. They wouldn't have an analyst day if there was nothing to say...

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    • YES there WAS something said on the conference call that #$%$ed investors !!!!!!!!

      When Patrick Smith said the following it certainly DID #$%$ people who thought to themselves......OMG, the next quarter might be light on revenues and this thing is trading at a 30
      forward p/e ratio ???!!!!!! Time to head for the exits !!!

      This TOTALLY #$%$ed investors about a upcoming miss on revenues for Q1

      " However, in the short term the X26P does introduce a new weapon that means some agencies will want to evaluate it, and that may delay some of the deals for Q1 until later in the year the agencies test the new introduced weapons platform. This may cause some softening of revenues in the first quarter, which already tends to be seasonally weaker than Q4, but we do expect it on the annual basis, it should accelerate upgrades in sales over the course of 2013. ""

    • I agree with all your statements, "bean," except, "Daily is gone, even he knows the truth by now." Even though he has known the truth, he is incorrigible, loves his delusional fabricated life, and he is, definitely, not gone...only, kicked off for about 48 hours.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 4 Replies to borntobemildandwild
      • #$%$, apparently, he's been kicked off PERMANENTLY with his, LATEST, MAIN alias, which uses 1's instead of "L's," within his moniker. He's, now, resurfaced with one of his other 60 some know other aliases, though, which use "L's."

        This has happened before. I wonder how long before he gets his other dozens of aliases yanked, and, how long before TASER sues him for SLANDER, LIBEL and DEFAMATION of character? LOADS of FALSE claims, outright LIES, misleading headlines and edited reports by dailyscammer, in my studied opinon! Oops!

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    • Another great call, I like your attitude, I would have to agree things seem to be turning a corner and patience is all a person has for now. It could be margin calls because of gold and silver who knows. but over 114 million in sales and down so much? I'm leaning to manipulation of the stock

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