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  • dailylarrna1 dailylarrna1 Sep 5, 2013 9:45 PM Flag

    Even more about the douchebag criminal cops that killed with a taser

    "When officer Daniel Karschamroon arrived at the scene, he saw Tran at the window and issued a series of commands. Tran seemed to snap back to reality and didn't hesitate to obey each order, according to all accounts. As Karschamroon began to finish handcuffing Tran and take him as a code "5150" mental patient to the hospital, eyewitness Mark Zimmerman, a neighbor standing about 30 feet away, saw no hint of resistance. But a second cop arrived. Karschamroon did not tell his colleague that Tran was resisting arrest or preparing to assault them, but officer Richard Gendreau nonetheless took out his Taser gun. With Tran standing still with his hands on his head, Gendreau fired a high-voltage dart into his thigh.

    "Andy was doing everything the police officer told him to do," recalled Zimmerman. "He was never violent, and then the 'cowboy cop' just shoots him with the Taser."

    The scene was chilling.

    "That was it," said Zimmerman. "Andy's knees hit the ground, and then his face [did]. It was lights out for him. He didn't ever move again. He was dead. It was like dropping a sack of potatoes from a second-story window."

    During a deposition in the civil case against the cops, Zimmerman's potato-sack imagery amused Gendreau and Karschomroon. "I saw them laugh," he said. "In my view, that guy's death was nothing to laugh about."

    Douchebag criminal cops just can't be trusted with deadly tasers, can't be trusted to tell the truth, and can't even be trusted to do the right thing!


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    • Taser should sell these police depts the video capture camera system to put the cop on notice that all actions will be recorded and used as evidence. Since Taser is the most widely accepted seller of this equipment and has the best market recognition with police depts they will profit handsomely from this news. If the reported abuse drops 90% as noted in police dept findings with the camera systems, this should be used as a marketing opportunity for Taser.

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