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  • buster55391 buster55391 May 14, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

    from the April 10 "pr"

    "...exclusive five-year agreement with PENTAX Medical ..."

    I looked at the pr again trying to find some info in the limited old "news" cycle that might provide a glimmer of hope, and came across the above in paragraph 2. Ssigning a stated 5 year EXCLUSIVITY with anyone had better include some serious numbers as a result.
    By doing this SCIE has limited their growth to what (only) PENTAX can offer for the next 5 years.
    It might be possible I am understanding this incorrectly. However, based on the wording it seems SCIE has put ALL of their eggs into one basket. If this is the case, once again this is a reflection of poor negotiating skills and horrible decision making by those that "run the show".

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    • It would be nice to know what the exclusivity terms are. How many units per year and at what cost, I remember way back on an investor call when MO first took over he said that he would like more than one distribution partner so that all our eggs are not in one basket. I guess thats out the window.

      I don't understand the last press release. Training postponed means units will not be out until later after training has occured. How is this good when we are cash strapped? Train whoever and reschedule others at least this way we get product out in the market.

      Frustrating to see this stock sit at .05c with the market going up. Investment banks have money what is the hold up?

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      • The hold up is that Mike O and Jim D have been working daily at finding an investor/investment bank to lend Spectra the funds. It is very clear that they either are incapable of convincing a lender or the WavStat is not a device worth investing in by a lender or a combination of both. This continual dilution of the share price is to fund the daily operating of SCIE which includes compensation. An investor friend of mine, who has a dialogue with Mike O, has suggested in an email to him that he step aside or bring in a private company(Subcontractor) to reverse engineer the WavStat to assure it is a viable medical device, then market and sell the WavStat once it has been reverse engineered and is a determined to be viable product with a global market. As I stated in a earlier email yesterday, this Subcontractor would fund the production and engineering of the device as well as the sales and marketing of it. The Subcontractor would be compensated thru a huge amount of shares. The Subcontractor's owner must be a true entrepreneur who truly believe his company can be successful since he is taking on a huge financial risk that his efforts will drive the share price substantially higher resulting in a substantial profit for his company. I believe there are such entrepreneurs who would be interested in this opportunity. In this scenario, Mike O would stay on as CEO with limited responsibility except to support the Subcontractor in this endeavor. If sales were to start surfacing, funding from investment institutions may very well follow particularly with a credible, successful private company steering the ship.

        Of course, this scenario will not work if Pentax has a 5 year exclusivity to sell the WavStat. If Spectra does not have the funds to support the production of the WavStat, then Pentax has nothing to sell unless Pentax is fronting the capital for the production of the devices it sells???

      • it IS very frustrating and time for MO to go. Some say that would cause problems. I think, that alone, would pop this stock back over .18 - or more - depending who replaces him.
        The simple fact that they have not stated the terms - one year into the deal - or required units bought/sold is not in the shareholders favor. The deal with PENTAX looks great in a headline. Actions always speak louder than words. Right now - as usual - lots of words and not much action. I hope I eat crow on these words. So far though, I have not.

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