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  • imploding_bubbles imploding_bubbles May 13, 2006 4:07 PM Flag

    America's Hitlar


    Hitler had a �keen appreciation of the value of slogans, catchwords, dramatic phrases, and happy epigrams in penetrating the deeper levels of the psyche.�

    Think of the slogans. �Axis of Evil,� �You�re either with us, or you�re with the terrorists,� �evil doers,� and the constantly repeated references to terrorists, terrorism, liberty, freedom, justice, not to mention direct and indirect references to God.

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    • Here's one of my "favorite" Hitler quotes"

      "What luck for rulers that men don't think".

      but you be careful when you talk about Hitler around here. He has a few bigoted fans.

    • Please, for the love of god get a grip a grip on yourself man.

      Politics has been one big catch phrase since day one. Catchy Populist slogans are the means of disseminating your ideas into a short one or two words. Its employed by all political movements and politicians.

      Manifest Destiny,New Deal,Pro Choice,Axis of Evil{twice},The Great Society,War on poverty,War on Drugs,and on and on.

      Your hatred is blinding your analytical thinking my friend.


    • ckza May 13, 2006 4:23 PM Flag

      I like this one, which he is fond of throwing around and about, "Americans don't want to do those kinds of jobs." LOL, Which jobs Mr. President, and for how much money, and based upon which "educational criteria"?

      I've always said that, as the capitalists continue to transport manufacturing and industries abroad, many Americans will have no other CHOICE but to do those jobs, i.e. burger flipping, gardening, strawberry picking, etc.

      Certainly, we shouldn't frown ENTIRELY on those necessary job functions. Afterall, for some, they do serve a valuable purpose.

      So what happens when mass amounts of sheople as you all describe them, have no other choices but those jobs that they don't want to do?

      It gets worse though because, even the "higher paying, educatated jobs" can be "outsourced" abroad via the net and communication networks, today, for example. No longer are there the same geographical boundaries that existed in the past.

      At the same time, our education system is failing, for the most part, from K-12, and we're importing the brightest and the best from the rest of the globe who command two or more languages, not the least of which, is ENGLISH. What an ADVANTAGE!!!

      So you see, THEY'RE working the average American from TWO DIRECTIONS; top and bottom.

      The SQUEEZE is going to be DIFFICULT to ENDURE over the shorter term, but the long term?

      Interesting times indeed. Ancient chinese proverb says, better to be a DOG during interesting times.

      I always expand upon that phrase to INCLUDE; a DOG whose MASTER doesn't KICK and ABUSE him. IMO

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