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  • coondoggie47 coondoggie47 May 23, 2007 5:12 PM Flag

    Please explain

    How this dog keeps shrinking its protfolio with lord knows what in its portfolio and yet the stock isnt rising it is SPIKING. What news drove it yet higher today - that the federal govt is going to increase regulation of it and that the total loan carry keeps shrinking????

    I don't get this stock - someone please tell me why they are BUYING IT?!?!?!

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    • Hey coon, Jerkoff:

      1. Fannie's purchase of subprime loans were limited to the AAA traunches of securitized subprime loans. If you actually have a Stanford MBA why can't you read financial statements.
      2. George W. Bush has an MBA form Harvard. The only degree more devalued than your MBAs is my J.D.
      3. The fact that your only credential is academic indicates that you are right out of school. That explains your lack of substantive expertise.
      4. How is your FNM short looking today? FNM is up several points since your began your childish, whining diatribe.
      5. You really aren't very good at this, are you?

    • NICE call on FNM fat boy from Jersey - Ten year is now at 5.11 - Are you going to call me dumb some more -I guess my Stanford MBA was put to good use - I hope you loaded the truck at 65 and are still buying! You need to keep on Buying because this thing is going to 80. Nothing but AAA paper, remember - the house is in order - what does economics have to do with this - LOAD THE BOAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And please call me some more names - it makes your analysis of this company so enriching for me!!!!!

    • You are not a Goldman employee.

    • So if the ten year continues to go up does it effect FNM? What happens if the ten year all of a sudden spikes to 5.5% - Will FNM be even more of a buy or as the ten year goes higher and higher my guess is that it would be intelligent to sell a holder of billions and billions of real estate mortgages that were originated in the highest, hottest real estate market in the history of the united states.

      What do you think?

    • What year at Princeton? What dorm were you in? Can you name four eating clubs since you went to school there?

      Thanks for sending anything I write to the Compliance Department - Clearly your attention, time and energy to make such strides to clear the board of any negative comments of FNM will be appreciated by anyone that is reading this.

      Goldman is indeed VERY involved with this stock - good job sleuth. Since everything that FNM does is so opague please tell me what is the percentage breakdown of the different traunches - create a simple pie chart for me on how much subprime they own vs A paper. You know that the default rate on subprime has doubled over the last year dont you???

      So how does this mornings GDP number effect your purchase of FNM? How about the coming inflation data? Seems like all markets are awash in money as the economy slows. How will Stagflation effect this stock?

    • " As for my professional acumen I think that the boys at Goldman have more information than you do regarding this enterprise."

      I won't continue arguing with this lying clown but this statement struck me. He is implying he is with Goldman, a company with which I have worked. Goldman has an investment banking relationship with Fannie and a compliance policy against its employees participating on message boards. I don't believe someone with as little knowledge as this kid works for them, but just in case, I forwarded this string of emails to Compliance for their attention.

      Wish I had bought more Fannie Mae when the SEC required them to restate their financials. Stock dropped into the 40's and two years later it is in the mid 60's.

    • As I have noted, for a short basher you are just not very talented. You do not know anything about the company's financial condition or the steps it has taken over the last two years to address problems. You do not understand the significance of the lifting of the "political risk" rather than go on and on, I will just point out for this last time, you are unable to address the specific issues of Fannie Mae, and prefer instead to try to fake it. You are an amateur, and your short position is going to cost you a fortune.

      By the way, good guess on my New Jersey education. Bachelor's degree in economics from Princeton. JD from Michigan. You are a punk, and not a very attractive one either.

    • Again, name calling. Your acumen in writing clearly shows your education. Like a four year old you call me names. It is so mature and enriching to read. I have a Stanford MBA - where were you educated? I am guessing a Community College in some New Jersey suburb where name calling is encouraged by "the upper crust" of society. You sound short fat and bald but perhaps I am reading too deeply into your inane responses.

      AAA traunches - What a JOKE. I bet you were a big buyer of this GSE when it was trading without ANY FINANCIALS AT ALL. As for my professional acumen I think that the boys at Goldman have more information than you do regarding this enterprise.

      Just tell me you are buying this because the regulation is going away on it. Tell me you are Buying it because there is going to be a big spike in its ability to buy because it has been such a responsible Buyer in the past.

      Time will tell - It was just at 65 - GO LONG - hell, i think the real estate correction is over and every loan FNM has on its books are "AAA" and performing. Hopefully the 10 year hits 5.5 in the next six months so that FNM will really SHOOT TO THE MOON.

    • Your problem idiot, is that you speak in generalities about macroeconomic issues and know nothing about the particulars of the company. You seem to have no knowledge of how carefully Fannie Mae's operations and portfolio have been examined over the last four years. I have no obligation to educate you, I am laughing at your pitiful attempt to scare investors. You are pathetic.

      Find someone who can read financial statements and have them show you that Fannie Mae's purchases of subprime loans were limited to AAA traunches.

      You are an amateur and a punk, and those of us who are professionals recognize it. Get lost punk.

    • Apparently someone knows something. But this is bound to happen sooner or later. It was well over $80 2 or 3 years ago because so-called accounting problem appeared (it is really a made work project for the accountants and make no material difference over time). Anyway, all the problems are slowing, but surely going away. I fully expect a pop back to $80 soon.


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