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  • vulcan_red_light vulcan_red_light Sep 7, 2008 12:50 AM Flag

    Bail out the foreigners, but screw the little guy.

    From the AP:

    "The main goal is to inject confidence into the foreign debt markets to ensure that the flow of capital to the mortgage market continues," said Howard Glaser, a Washington-based mortgage industry consultant who has worked for both Fannie and Freddie.

    Great, what a fu<king relief that foreigners are going to be happier on Monday. Kind of like the Saudis were happy when Bush let them all run home after 9/11.

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    • You guys are a bunch of fair weather fans. I bet you weren't born in Canada though, you sound like a foreign whiny puuuuussy.

    • we will never learn,

    • you really are a stupid myopic american aren't you? Use your kindergarten educated brain.

      What the hell do you think will happen if the foreigners start dumping trillions of USD onto the open market because fannie/freddie folded? You think the negative impact of that event will be less than if some gambling shareholders in fannie/freddie got screwed as a result of this bailout? Your ass would be out on the street in these "foreigners" starts to dump craploads of your worthless USD. They are the freaking reason why your dollar is still worth anything!

      Man, seriously, don't embarrass yourself as if you are a true patriot of this country, you are just an idiot.

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