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  • debreasystems debreasystems Mar 9, 2009 4:40 PM Flag

    Why is this stock up

    let's hear your prognostication shytenite, you sound so very clever do expound

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    • I think fnm may rise a few cents....but quickly lose any gains due to fnm's new mode of government control.
      Lets hear YOUR predictions sweety.

    • i could see .75 on revaluation of seriously under valued assets at this point. i think in a better mrkt the price would go even higher. i think (could be wrong)they are priced between .2~.34 cents on the dollar. "reasonable" revaluation in strict terms might be .5~.55? they need this even if it's accounting trick(which it's not) just to get the monkey off the back of most financial institutions. the govt can't, doesn't won't be able to continue spending billions, trillions of dollars on the "assets" so they change the acctng rules; very much like they changed them before, viola problem to a lesser degree. govt can't won't for obvious reasons cheat, rob general population out of 100% retirement accts, general population would just go civil unrest like we've never seen before. so.."well there's a riot goin on"!
      resolution isn't logical math/business p.e. ratio, earnings, etc. it becomes a social issue. that's just my view because it's all we got left. bean counters be gone. people must and will be given a "gift" just prior to demise of complete system. sound crazy? you bet it does but what are "they" gonna do? it's a democracy right?
      pls respond and blow holes through my ....b.s.

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      • Any seriously good news for FNM/FRE would send it up 4x from here. I'm not saying it would stay there, but FNM/FRE have popped hugely before, one time 1000% in 6 days in late September, and 300% in late November over about 4 days. A 400% pop now is certainly within reason.

        If the uptick rule is reinstated, thats another 400% pop from wherever the stock price is at that point.

        Put it this way, this is a housing stock in the worst housing bubble burst ever and our shares have not been zeroed. There is much more upside potential here than downside from .39cents.

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