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  • tommer1959 tommer1959 Jan 22, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    Q4 - will it be a profitable quarter for the fourth consecutive time?


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    • Tommer I like your enthusiasm although you have said the samething for over a year...
      .26-.29 going no where...but I hope you are rihght and I am wrong

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    • RE prices improving for like 10 consecutive months.
      Delinquency rates dropping.
      Employment improving
      Unemployment dropping.
      Harp reaching more and more people.
      Banks settling losses.
      SEC 33 on the horizon (distant granted 2014 is long term)

    • Then why post your yippee yay posts like to feel lke you know many share do you have

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    • no way to forecast the BOTTOM line
      the operating result IMO will be quite profitable

      however - FNM sits on top of a TON and another TON of what I assume is grossly marked down MBS securities
      At any point if FNM adds a charge for a further write down that will IMO swamp the operating result and could turn profitable operations - temporarily - into a negative quarter - on paper
      Likewise - if based on a rising price for homes? - or better experience on the old written down paper - FNM decides to write up those holdings - watch out - the earnings will be huge

      all IMO as I watch this stock - as an owner of common and much pfds - since BEFORE the decline over night

    • this junk can have gigantic profits, and yet the pps will not move.
      Why is this?
      Its because nobody in their right mind will invest into a government-controlled stock. Once the Feds got involved, this company was forever tainted and contaminated. Its ok to trade and play the pops whenever they happen, but to expect the pps to ever return to pre-c-ship levels is shear lunacy.
      Personally, I dont see this mess ever seeing 1.00 again.
      The government simply cannot be trusted, and the public has finally realized this.

      • 2 Replies to zekebun
      • GSEs are like Communist SOES. That is right, communist China has lots of state owned enterprises and they trade on the stock market just like GSEs. Many of them are hold overs from coooperative farms days. Perhaps our government is taking a leaf out of Mao's little red book. Could the Obama administration be going #$%$?

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      • wrong
        see the stock of GM or Citi or soon AIG
        the markets have ZERO memory
        right now - NO ONE - NO ONE knows what percent - 0-100 of the company the current equity own
        right now - NO ONE - NO ONE knows what the future company will look like in scope size and job
        thus the market - looking at the extremes keesp the stock trading but at very low levels
        Using what I think is optimistic but realistic assumptions - I believe the current equity owns 20% of a 20-40B company --- at some point in the future (or common owns 10% and pfd 10%?)
        but that is a GUESS GUESS

    • It's old news. We need a fwe more profitable quarters (there's no reason to believe otherwise), and show everybody (duh) that FnF are really paying DOWN the debts owed to Uncle Sam to realistically see anything meaningful happening.

      Jack Lew's likely confirmation to the next Treasury Secretary is a good sign to retain FnF, whether in current forms or in new entities, and hopefully to start an orderly process to restore FnF's fair market capitalizations.

    • Nice start, needs volume to go up a lot. Take it from an old commodity trader; Sep/Dec corn switches look better.

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