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  • cavanyc Mar 25, 2013 8:04 PM Flag

    Did u notice how long it takes to execute orders during a dump?

    OTC stock runners can keep putting you to the back of the line and put there shares ahead of yours. They do it all the time in P&D schemes in OTC stocks.

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    • Last week when it hit over a dollar thirty something, I decided to take some profits and buy back at a lower price. I put in a market order and waited about ten minutes for it to execute. By then the price was in the upper 60's so I was basically screwed out of a few thousand dollars and when I called to ask about this, I was told exactly what you all are posting - that in a rush to either buy or sell, retail shares are queued by demand so basically forget about a quick execution during either a buy or a sell frenzy. Now I don't know if it is just the retails that get abused like this and suspect that it is not the case so once again it is not who you know but who you ...

      I still made about 1300 bucks off the transaction but now have capital gains to consider. I will not be doing that again. The broker told me that once this leaves the OC market then the rules change and all market orders must execute within 30 sec. So folks I am going to wait until then to play with these shares.

      BTA if someone times it right perhaps they can make those big gains. But the thing is: The shock will need to reach above a buck for 30 days before it can go back to the legitimate wall street crooks

    • do you know how long it takes to get filled when you are trying to buy at the ask... this morning it took me over min to get filled at the ask... MM are not willing to sell the shares to us....

    • Did you notice how long it takes to execute an order when this ramps?

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