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  • kmcmahon38 kmcmahon38 Apr 2, 2013 6:39 PM Flag

    Do You Really Believe Joe Public Will Allow Wall St To Take FNMAs Place?

    after all the stealing and criminal behavior that happened over the last decade? It would be an absolute debacle..The government is currently losing money left and right....FNMA is one place where they actually are earning money and have the ability to regulate the mortgage market. There is absolutely ZERO chance that the government steps back from this position. It would be political suicide for anyone to suggest otherwise.

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    • that is a lot of political power to let go of. period,end of story

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      • I think it's worse than anyone here REALIZES. I see the Federal Government restructuring F&F as the paypack end draws near, then the Feds play a game called FDIC Insurance with a hitch. They get to liquidate the Commons with either a dump of hundreds of millions of shares, or byback at a % rate fraction of true value...and offer it back on the market with federal backing, sort of like a quasi treasury note. Meanwhile the preffereds stay untouched because the same politicians own them and they get their dividends. The banks love it. The politicians love it. The American people Love it. and the Common share holders get screwed...Did you not read between the lines in Barney Franks comments ? HE KNOWS. It's already a done deal ! They are just waiting it out, and then the zing comes..most likely end of summer.

    • Unconstitutional.

    • Forget Joe Public - Hedge Funds will have lobbiests heading to DC in packs....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • No way ChewStocks,, F&F is a Bluehair establishment,,,they own all the preferreds, a win win situation for them is government guaranteed to reduce their risk, then they can borrow against it as leverage for other business addition the dividends go to them first and as for the commons? Sorry, they get liquidated as a qusi treasury note which allows the American people to buy the stock for pennies on the dollar. Another Obamanation way to generate cash for the voting welfare state. hink what I am saying is nuts ? Just look to the East. China has been doing it for a while and the government relaxed the rules 5 years ago and now they have a bubble. The US will take that to the hoop for a Jordan 2 points. Sorry, the writing is on the wall, this stock will never, ever, ever see $86 PPS again, not in our life time.

      • Not sure if Washington will respond to Hedge Funds though