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  • oqn710d oqn710d May 26, 2013 4:49 PM Flag



    Zero chance!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • This is actually pretty simple:

      To unwind this and just say " all of you in this stock, now have 0.00 invested" is NEVER going to happen.
      I obviously can't prove it but I bet 40-60% of all branches of our govt. are invested in this some way or other. Think about it??, ...I mean really think about it......... Golden goose all the way around, it it allows budgets to get postponed again and again, it is repaying the " taxpayers" in spades. Even CNBC is touting good things and that NEVER happens. Who the hell is going to complain about this?
      The big gift is when the Taxpayers/govt. is paid back the bailout money. I would think by many, many laws and lawsuits and lobbyists they will have to release this back to the private sector. It is too tangled up in golden rope to do anything but succeed. Yes, I understand conservatorship to all those idiots that don't think I do. How can they just absolve or dissolve this bounty for all??

    • LOL.
      Who are the Government? The same people who are investing in FNMA today?
      Who will make the decision to liberate FNMA? The same government officials who have invested directly or indirectly in FNMA and FMCC?
      Guess who the biggest INSIDER traders were till recently? YES, Washington Law makers, the same ones who will determine FNMA and FMCC faith.

    • I rather imagine Paulson & Co. can afford lawyers who are more than a match for the government legal drones to defend their stake in FNMA. Otherwise, why would they take such a stake in the first place?

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      • i think he's talking about Nadar's suit for breach of fiduciary duty to protect shareholder interests. which wouldn't affect whether Paulson or others invested in fan and fred. i do the he's wrong about the result "zero chance" however. i hope i'm talking about the same thing he and you are talking about, but there seemed to be a disconnect between your and his postings.

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