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  • carolyn_novice carolyn_novice Jul 23, 2013 6:20 PM Flag

    Novice response: What happened FNMA @ 1.54?

    The manipulator (buyers, block traders and boiler room operators who bough it 10 – 30 cents) took FMNA up on Monday, by buying from each other to create illusion of demand.

    In stock market the higher the price, more the demand by public.

    Once the stock moves closer to supply zone (those who bought between 1.75 -2.00), please see historical price for supply, the boiler room operators are here to sell not buy, the plug is pulled.

    This type of action is called, Secondary Reaction Rally. It generally lasts two to three days and is always sharply against the trend for the past few days.

    Today’s down move creates losses for all those who got on board yesterday and in the morning.

    Stock generally moves up in the early morning on low volume, then sideways and slowly moves sideway and slides down on high volume.

    On Friday July 26, 2013, the stock will end up around 1.35, most of the buyer holding at higher price, holding the bag.

    Imagine you own an apple orchard with price dropping, and a sever storm coming. In an auction you hire 10 buyers from your family, who bid when you wink, but other innocent bidders should get into the trap.

    Everyone buying is looking to sell someone with higher price, for which there are not many buyers left, or are exhausted at higher price


    Carolyn Novice

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