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  • patrickmecimore patrickmecimore Aug 26, 2013 11:13 PM Flag

    Go big or Go home.

    I remember my grandfather telling me about the great depression. Talked about people with money buying land pennies on the dollar. The problem was hardly no one had money. Folks, I truly believe that FNMA and FMCC is our generation's wealth multiplier. Maybe it was a fluke. A poor thought out decision by Paulson to Conserve rather than receive, I don't know. However, I think that we those here today are among those that will reach something many will wait a generation to repeat. We have in our grasp a opportunity to buy into the American dream of a stock that has been wrote off, beaten down, bet against, under-minded by men of wealth, chased down by boiler room bashers, manipulated and forced to submission only to rise from the ashes like a champion. I honestly do not think in my life time this chance to gain wealth will come again. The law is on the side of the shareholder. We will not take the crumbs of banks offerings. There is a better day coming, we will over come our adversaries. Those that deny and lie to earn living will soon pass. These are the days of a new order and you my friends are part of that. Take pride that you backed with your hard earned capital a new beginning. The only other stock that I have felt this strongly about is IRE. Go big boys, or go home. Those that rebut are only trying to hide the fact that they know their time is short and they have little time to convince you to sell your stake so they might have it at a lower price. Remember that those that post negative posts are here to buy your shares. Why else would they be here? They are not paid public announcers. They are liars and thieves. Thats my pep talk...on ward, forward. All in my humble opinion. Adding more this week.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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