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  • rick.nagra rick.nagra Sep 13, 2013 9:33 PM Flag

    Deep Thoughts by The Niagra

    My team and I have wrapped up our meeting for tonight. Many interesting topics and discussion points were raised. Meeting minutes should be available shortly once the secretary prepares them. Of note The Article today was a hot topic. Finally something positive was stated :

    " How much should the preferred be worth relative to the common? It's difficult to say. But by and large, what benefits one should benefit the other, since both will require a legal change in their status so they can claim a share of Fannie and Freddie's profits. While not all the lawsuits argue on behalf of the common shares, Perry attorney Olson, a former U.S. solicitor general under the George W. Bush administration, may be the best in the business when it comes to winning lawsuits against the U.S. government. In other words, common shareholders could hardly ask for a better advocate. "

    This is just huge. In order for the preferred shares to be worth anything there must be a legal change in their status. That is conservatorship removed. But that will immediately propel the Common shares as well. In addition Olson is a huge positive for us and the best part it is costing us Commons nothing.

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    • I think the value right now is the in the common.
      You can get 6 common shares FNMA for the price of one preferred share FNMAS, the cheapest one out there..

      The common share has the ability to 5 bagger from here to $6, while FNMAS will need to be $36 to be a five bagger.

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    • hey good practical thoughts Niagra.
      I'll only worry about Obama's pick Summers.
      Obama is a silent ultra stubborn guy - won't rest until he gets his way. That is Summers.
      Look at his track record - he's got everything he proposed in the last 6 years
      Yes Summers has vested interests.
      But dollar and change is good entry price

    • yes, and guess who posted that article first? ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!

    • Secondly members of my team are deeply concerned about the next Federal Reserve Chief. It is in the best interests of the Commons to have a pro Fannie and Freddie chief. It appears that Obama's choice Summers is NOT good for us. We are strongly against Summers. Fortunately it appears that the chances of Summers being approved are slim at best :

      " Four Democrats on the Senate Banking Committee are now expected to vote "no" if President Barack Obama nominates former economics adviser Lawrence Summers to be the next chair of the Federal Reserve, complicating one of the most vital decisions of his second term. Jon Tester on Friday became the latest member to publicly announce his opposition, taking to three the number of senators on the committee who are known to be against Summers, while a fourth, Elizabeth Warren, is also expected to be a "no"

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      • Thirdly it goes without saying the fools over there at Motely Fools are truly just that. Nobody should listen to anything Motley Fool says. In fact their name sounds like some motorcycle gang or rock group. Ignore Matt and David they are completely useless. Best was a few weeks ago when they had a guest discussing FnF. That guest took Matt and David by surprise when he said that the window of opportunity to reform FnF had essentially passed. It would be difficult for Congress to do anything significant now because the massive profits and improved housing market speak for themselves. Poor " Motley Fools " caught off guard.

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      • BS

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