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  • cognifitpersonalcoach cognifitpersonalcoach Oct 8, 2013 8:24 PM Flag

    Yellen will be good news for the F Twins

    As an impeccable economist, strategist and regulator, she will provide the impetus for modifying the twins to assure that they keep in line with loan parameters and minimize tax payer losses due to bad loans. It is likely that she will present a case to release the twins from conservatorship without having to create a whole new infrastructure. The pending lawsuits will help to exacerbate her position. In sum, things are looking better for the twins.

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    • FnF are going to be worth $50-70 in the next few years. My team and I don't need charts for this. It's simple since Fannie and Freddie and FREEGING MONEY MACHINES. No one can ignore, both its profitability AND its value to our society. The creators of FNMA were geniuses. You cannot dismantle them because of their intrinsic value to the greater society. Therefore all this garbage about their demise is pure just that garbage. Yellen would concur.

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      • Yes, both intrinsic, Book and Dollar value no single entity or Syndicate of money can afford to buy it. That of course is the attractive feature of an attempt at a take over heist which would Garner unheard of enrichment to be leveraged into total possession of the world's wealth. Talk about crazy generous give away corporate welfare to the .001% and trickle down to the 1%. Some are crazy generous when it comes to self enrichment at We The People's wealth. Quasi Charitable Foundations don't pay taxes, even better is the self endowed privilege of private individuals collecting taxes over a global fiefdom. Yes on the Isle of Sark a small island in the Channel Islands in the southwestern English Channel, off the French coast of Normandy where Conservitave Arch Lord of Austerity Sir David Barclay can experiment and model a greater fiefdom by for now only the envy of Lloyd and Bob Corker who was treated with a visit and a peak to privilege. He had the best time of his life there. Ask him.

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      • labelleanthony16 Oct 8, 2013 11:27 PM Flag

        Ring the Bell! Don't be surprised if everyone on wall Street is in this thing tomorrow!

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    • I hope you are right, unfortunately she is a Bernanke wanna be and will hold her cards close to the vest in my opinion.

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