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  • dgplexus2 dgplexus2 Nov 24, 2013 9:40 PM Flag

    If everyone thoroughly understood the Constitution,

    including the Takings Clause, as well as Tort Law, business law against self dealing, the incredible benefit of having Fannie and Freddie around, their businesses and their earnings, the difference between conservatorship and receivership/bankruptcy, the ongoing process of exoneration of F&F, the new book (Mortgage Wars,) the guilt the fraudster big banks and the government have in creating the crisis, and the lawsuits brought by the best legal talent we could hope for, this would be $50 already. It only takes time. Just wait for those dividends to resume.

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    • the constitution also did not mention about paying taxes... look where we at now.

    • good information dg as usual.

    • p_123bore Nov 29, 2013 10:44 PM Flag

      dgplexus2, do you have some case law to back up your claim? If the FEDS have no case and have to release FNMA from conservatorship because of the takings clause, what happens to the commons stock? Will their be massive dilution because the warrants have been cancelled? Just because the conservatorship could be terminated ended on legal grounds, the government could still get rid of FNMA or remove the guarantee. What time table are we looking at?

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    • analysts_are_foolish_idiots analysts_are_foolish_idiots Nov 29, 2013 12:29 AM Flag

      Thumbs up for you bro!

    • There is your thumbs down.... cause I really don't believe you believe a word of what you are saying.....

    • In the end, because I'm a USA citizen, I believe the rule of law will prevail. However, that does not mean that you can't and won't lose your entire investment in the GSE's. You all have to remember you're going up against the group that "has the gold and makes the rules".

      When the rules do not fit their agenda, they change them (See how Obamacare was passed, the house and senate never voted on the same bill - unconstitutional with the supreme court also complicit in changing the rules.

      That is what you're up against - If this case gets hot and heavy, there will be news briefings where YOU are defined as "greedy wall street investors" and the ruling will then be tried in public opinion. You remember public opinion don't you? Tax the Rich, Occupy Wall Street. If you are punished and lose your entire investment, who will be there to take up the torch for you "the greedy wall street investor".

      You know the answer.

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      • public companies are not the same as obamacare...lets talk apples to apples now.......and nobody is above law,....... everybody who illegally does wrong is guilty........and guilty actions and wrongdoings are dealt with and made right.........

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      • You may be right in a way but "we greedy investors" are actually the now and future backers of the GSEs. The shareholders, mortgage owners and tax payers are the "backers" and always will be no matter what the "backstop" percentage is. Problem is we can't see the power we have collectively.

        As for public opinion I remember a wise man who said "The court of public opinion is a lynch mob."

        "The court of public opinion is a lynch mob."

        The question (and mission) here is who do they go after? Obama and a corrupt government? Bankster gangsters and their lobbying henchmen? Or a whining complaining bunch of "stock holders" looking to make easy money? The #$%$ with the best outfit always gets the respect.

    • While I agree somewhat, it isnt all about UNDERSTANDING the constitution, its also about BELEIVING our leaders will follow their sworn oath to uphold the constitution. I think Obama understands the constitution, but is trying to weaken it substantially, by violating it outright for what he belevies to be a "higher purpose" of converting USA to a dicatator run socialistic ran country. Obama has "cracked" the constitution and we must repair it to restore the USA to its former greatness. The most recent polls show 53% of Americans dont trust Obama...and stealing fannie shareholders money is one great reason not to trust him.

    • I am assured everyone understands the Constitution, but the real problem is our politicians and the Government don't give f*** about it. They are willing to hold F&F as hostages as long as they wish without even thinking about the law. Don't get me wrong, I have been holding FNMA for long enough, but now that the Government is enjoying milking cash out of F&F, I personally don't think they are willing to end the conservatorship.

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      • Is there not one politician who has the integrity to call for an independent prosecutor to investigate the President and his staff on this one? Even if someone were to do it just to get the conversation started. The President would have to come to the microphone and explain to the public how he is not violating the rights of the shareholders and, thus, the US Constitution. People would come to understand what the meaning of the takings clause requiring full compensation, i.e., not just 20.1% but the full 100% (like they understand Eminent Domain with full compensation). Richard Epstein and Steve Berman could get airtime on CNN with Piers Morgan to explain the issues to the public. 60 minutes could pick this one up.

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      • Perhaps it is time to make FnF a political issue for 2014.

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    • One example of the Takings Clause requiring just compensation in action that perhaps more people would understand is with Eminent Domain, i.e., when the federal or a state government seizes people's homes to build a highway. In such cases, it is a routine process of the government giving homeowners fair market value for the seized property. For more info, just Google Eminent Domain and its history on Wikipedia.

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    • How much time are you talking about? And, how long do you think the dividendes will start flowing our way?

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